Rose Gold Foil Cupcake Liners: 100 Count

Rose Gold Foil Cupcake Liners: 100 Count |

Rose Gold Foil Cupcake Liners: 100 Count

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Use copper foil cupcake liners for baking cupcakes, muffins and more! These foil soft orange cupcake liners are lined with white paper and keep their color after baking. They are the perfect cupcake liner for wedding, celebration and party cupcakes. You get a 100 count pack of copper cupcake liners. Find standard cupcake liners in other colors and patterns here.

COUNT: 100 cupcake liners

SIZE: standard size with a 2" base x 1.25" wall height

When purchasing multiple sets of cupcake liners they will come packaged together in one bag.

TIP: Maximum Temperature 325 F.  Do not grease pan. The cups have a white laminated grease resistant paper on the inside of the cup.

NOTE: If you are concerned about the color bleeding onto your baking pans put a paper liner in the pan first, then your foil liner and bake as usual. Color can transfer to your baking pans if there's a grease buildup or with nonstick pans. This may also happen if you do not remove the cupcakes from the pan immediate after baking, causing condensation. For best results wash your pans thoroughly with Dawn dish detergent, then dry well before baking. If color does transfer to your pan it will wear off over time. Let's be honest, a little color only adds character to your cookware and won't impact future baking ventures!

Visit our cupcake baking tips page for best practices and more information about our cupcake liners.

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