Below you'll find our shipping details and important details that you should keep in mind when ordering from Sprinkle Bee Sweet. 


For our most current information please also read our SHOP UPDATE page.

Please keep in mind that all orders have processing time before it ships. If you're on a deadline please contact us BEFORE placing an order so we can see if we can get your order to you in the time frame needed. Continue reading below for important details. By completing checkout you have agreed that you have read and understand this page, our terms and policies and any special shop update page. If you don't understand something please contact us BEFORE placing an order.

Where is my order shipping from? We are located in Maine, USA and can have weather delays during the winter months.

What is processing time? It's the time from when your order is placed until it ships, the time needed to pull and pack your order for shipment. Processing times can vary depending on our current volume of orders and stock arrivals. Order early and select priority or express shipping during checkout if you need your order quickly (your order will still have processing time even with upgraded shipping). Contact us BEFORE ordering if you have questions or are on a deadline.

VERY IMPORTANT USPS NOTICE: 98% of our packages ship via United States Postal Service. The time frame of days listed during checkout are NOT what you are paying for, you are paying for the service of first class, priority or express mail. The days shown DO NOT account for our processing time and are often not accurate or account for holidays, weather delays, ect. We are not able to edit this information which is why we list all the details here so you understand how processing and shipping work in our shop. There is no guaranteed "2 day" delivery unless you select express mail and that time frame for delivery is 1-2 days AFTER your order has been processed and shipped. It is your responsibility to contact us if you are on a tight deadline so we can let you know if we can get you your order in time. We process a high volume of orders so processing times vary day to day on how much we can get out.

When will my order ship? How quick your order ships depends on a variety of factors. We aim to get orders out quickly as we know you are excited to get baking and celebrating. Things like stock arrivals, winter weather and the current volume of orders we are processing can effect how quick your order gets processed.

  • time frame varies on our order volume (see our shop update notice)
  • large orders and orders that contain sprinkles or made to order items (which are noted in the listing) may take 4-10+ business days. The longer time frame is generally for large or bulk sprinkle orders. We do our best to get your order out as quickly as we can.

If you have a custom request for a large amount of an item, have pre-ordered and item or something is being made for you additional processing time may be needed before your order ships. Please email us for more details on processing and shipping times for large custom orders.

Note: If your order comes through with a security risk (can happen if billing and shipping address don't match) we may contact you to verify your order. Your order will be held until the funds clear which can take an additional 2-3 business days.

I just got my shipping notice, what's next? Once you receive your shipping notice with tracking information your package will be picked up by USPS generally within 24-48 hours. Please allow some some for your tracking number to become active.

What carrier do you use for shipping? We ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS) at this time. Some orders that are of our 8.5" presentation cake box set may ship UPS.

Will there be tax on my order? All sales made from a Maine resident will be subject to a 5.5% state sales tax.

The shipping seems high for what is in my cart? No worries! Our goal is to get your order shipped out quickly and at a reasonable shipping price! Please note that some items we carry weigh more than others so we have to account for that in our shipping price structure. If we find you have overpaid when we ship your order we will refund you the difference! Yep, we are cool like that!

How is shipping calculated on my order? Shipping is set up to go by weight and distance. You can select First Class Mail, Priority Mail or Priority Express Mail at checkout. If we are able to take advantage of flat-rate boxes for Priority or Priority Express to save you money, we will refund any shipping overages once your order has shipped.



Time frames are estimates once your order ships and does not include the processing time.

FIRST CLASS MAIL: First Class Mail averages 3 to 7+ business days for delivery once shipped, not guaranteed. Only packages weighing 13 oz or less qualify for first class shipping in the US.

PRIORITY MAIL: Priority mail averages 2-5 business days for delivery once shipped, not guaranteed. Packages weighing over 16 oz will ship via Priority mail due to USPS regulations.

PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS: 1-2 business days guaranteed once shipped. If you need this service, you must order by noon EST to ship the next business day for ready to ship items. This excludes pre-order items, bulk items, large sprinkle orders unless you have contacted us first to see if we can meet your needs.



Do you ship internationally? We ship most placed except the European Union. We are no longer able to ship there due to the law changes about VAT and how it is collected. If you are in the EU and want our products you will have to look into getting a forwarder here in the US who would receive your orders from the US and then ship to you.

NOTE: International orders may have duty and/or tax fees that are due when your order arrives depending on the country. This is your responsibility as the customer to be aware of the duties and taxes for your country. It is illegal for us (Bakers Party Shop) to pay the duty, taxes or fees to your country. We have no control over who may be charged a duty tax and what that might be. All orders are marked MERCHANDISE on the customs form with proper values of the items in your package. It is illegal to mark a package as a gift or understate the value on the customs form.

IMPORTANT: We are not responsible for how long a package takes to arrive to you. We can only provide estimates and have no control over how fast a package takes to move through customs. Once we turn a package over to USPS it is out of our hands, we are not the ones delivering your order and have no control over your countries delivery process or time frame. Order at your own risk as we are not responsible for packages that take a long time to be delivered or are lost in transit. This rarely happens but must be stated. You are asked to read this page before placing and order so you are aware of these important details.


FIRST CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL: First Class Mail averages 2-4+ weeks for most countries once your package has shipped. Tracking is provided, however we cannot guarantee packages will be scanned after leaving the USA. Packages weighing less than 4 pounds are eligible for this shipping speed.

PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL: Priority mail averages 6-10 business days, estimate only, once your package has shipped. USPS does not provide guaranteed delivery dates for this shipping service. Tracking is provided, however we cannot guarantee packages will be scanned after leaving the USA. Packages weighing over 4 pounds will ship via Priority mail due to USPS regulations.

PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL: Express mail averages 3-5 days, guaranteed to select countries only once your package has shipped. This time frame may not include customs processing. If you need this service, you must order by noon EST to ship the next business day for ready to ship items. This excludes pre-order items, bulk order and large sprinkle orders unless you have contacted us first to see if we can meet your needs.

NOTE: The following countries have guaranteed delivery dates with Express mail: Great Britain, North Ireland, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Singapore and Spain.


ONCE YOUR PACKAGE IS TURNED OVER TO USPS: Please be aware once we turn a package over to USPS it is out of our hands and responsibility. We suggest contacting them if you are having delivery issues as they are the ones who now have your package. Information can be found at or by calling your local post office. If your package is scanned delivered by USPS and you have not received it we ask you to check with others in your home who may have brought it in and with your neighbors in case it was miss-delivered. If that turns up nothing calling your local post office is the next step as they will need to speak with your mail carrier that scanned your package delivered. Most often a phone call, and some patience, helps a package turn up. We understand on the rare occasion a package has delivery issues can be frustrating. We appreciate your help help with this situation as we see the same information your do when you track your order.

We are not responsible for packages that are lost or stolen once turned over to USPS.



Will I get a receipt in my order? We do not include an invoice as you are sent a receipt to your e-mail address after your order comes through. Please print the e-mailed receipt you are sent after your order comes through if you need a copy for your records. You can also create an account on this site to keep track of your purchases and to access past orders that you may need a reference for.

How will my order come packaged? Items ship in boxes or bubble mailers depending on the products ordered. Items may also be grouped together in one bag to conserve on packaging and to work with the shipping packaging we use. Each item MAY NOT come packaged in its own bag. Items are packaged nicely and for safe shipping.



I received the wrong item(s) or is missing an item from my order, what do I do? Oh goodness, we are so sorry about that! Please contact us within 5 business days if you are missing anything or have an incorrect item in your order. If you are in the US and you would like that item reshipped we will gladly send it out to you at our expense (shipped first class mail) or you can choose to have a refund for the missing item. If you received the wrong items/order in some case we may ask you to ship back the item(s) that was incorrect. If you are located outside the US, we will refund you for the missing item, or you may have it included in your next order.

PLEASE NOTE: We may ask for a photo to be taken to show us the order you received so we can see the error that was made. This is simply for our records since we are not a brick and mortar shop. This also helps us to see if 2 orders were mixed up so we can contact the other customer. For example if 2 shipping labels were accidentally put on the wrong packages.

We must be contacted within 5 business days of you receiving your order if there is a problem. Any notices sent to us after that time has lapsed will be handled on a case by case basis. If more than 30 days has past from when you received your item, we are not able to make any corrections at that time.



Please note that the USPS does not consider a package as being lost in transit until it has spent at least 30 days in transit here in the US or 45 days in transit if it was shipped internationally. If you think your package may have been lost in transit, please contact us right away and we will do our best to try and locate it and file a lost package claim through the USPS if necessary. Please note that we are NOT responsible for items lost or undelivered due to the wrong shipping address being submitted with your order.


• If a package is returned to us for any reason we will contact you. If there was a mistake in the address on our end we will reship your order at no cost to you.

• If it has been returned to us because you listed the wrong address at checkout or any other reason and you choose to have us resend it then there will be additional shipping charges to reship your order. Payment for reshipping must be received before we will reship your order.

• If you ask to cancel your order and it already has been shipped you will not be able to get a refund.

• If you receive your order and for some reason ship it back to us without contacting us first you will NOT be refunded for the items. For safety and health reasons we do not take items back as stated on our policies page which we ask all to read before ordering. All sales are final.

We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time.