Blue Edible Art Paint

Blue Edible Art Paint |
Blue Edible Art Paint |
Blue Edible Art Paint |
Blue Edible Art Paint |
Blue Edible Art Paint |
Blue Edible Art Paint |

Blue Edible Art Paint

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Bakers Party Shop carries Sweet Sticks Blue Edible Art Paint that is great to use for decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other sweet confections. Blue edible paint can be used on frostings, icing, gum paste and fondant that has been given time to set/dry or form a crust. A little goes a long way with this paint. Edible art paint is cake decorating food paint that is made of 100% edible ingredients. It can be applied with a paint brush or sponge, dries rub and smudge free. We carry many colors of edible art paints so you can decorate a variety of sweets. Check out all of the edible paints, luster dusts, paint powders, water activated paint palettes, brushes and activators by Sweet Sticks here. We're proud to carry their full range of products that help you enhance your sweet creations!

COUNT: one bottle

SIZE: 15mL 

USE ON: sugar cookies, fondant, set chilled American buttercream frosting, real chocolate, marshmallows, candy melts, ganache, cookie icing, modeling chocolate, royal icing, macarons, gold leaf, deco magic and more. It does NOT work on Swiss Meringue buttercream.

NOTE: Shake well before and during use. Keep away from children and store in a dry cool place. Do not consume in liquid form.


  • There is a lot of luster in one bottle. We highly recommend before use to open the lid and give the product a good stir with a toothpick as the luster might be stuck at the bottom of the bottle. If that is the case when you try and paint you might be left with a transparent finish. Open lid, stir until all ingredients are mixed well, put the lid back on and give a quick shake. If this step is done correctly you will have a beautiful thick, opaque metallic paint.
  • Brushes play a big role in your overall quality finish. If using a cheap quality brush you may be left with brush strokes and an uneven finish. Invest in quality brushes if you can. Shop Sweet Stick brushes here
  • Drying time can vary based on what surface you are painting on, how thick the coat is and humidity levels. For a quicker dry time we recommend thin coats and avoid painting in high humidity conditions. Drying needs to be done by air drying. If not air dried correctly you may be left with an after taste. Be sure to have it touch dry before  placing it into the fridge. When dry your surface will be rub free and tasteless.
  • If you are new to our products we always recommend getting yourself familiar with them first. practice before using on your finished product to achieve a successful result.
  • The best before date is our recommended times to use the paint within to get the best results. The ingredients used do not have an expiry date as such but the quality may not be the same if used outside the best before dates.
  • Add cake decorators (95% grade) alcohol to your pallet for a water color finish
    Wash used brushes with hot, soapy water, some paper towel or baby wipes
    Get inspiration by checking Sweet Sticks hashtag #edibleartpaint on Instagram.

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