Small Carrots Sugar Toppers

Small Carrots Sugar Toppers |
Small Carrots Sugar Toppers |
Small Carrots Sugar Toppers |

Small Carrots Sugar Toppers

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Shop these small carrots sugar toppers. Use these little carrot edible decorations to decorate Easter and spring cupcakes, cakes, cakesicles, cookies, chocolate covered Oreo's and more. The edible carrot toppers are made of fine granulated sugar molded into various shapes, then hand painted with edible inks and even work for frozen desserts and ice cream cakes and will withstand freezing/defrosting! See all of the sugar toppers we carry here.

COUNT: 24 sugar toppers (sweet treats not included)

SIZE: RAINBOW: 0.4 x 1.2 x 0.25 inches

PLEASE READ: If all you are ordering is sugar toppers to help with packaging please order more than one set. These are packed well for shipping however we can not guarantee that some may not break during transit to you. Please order more than you need and order at your own risk. NOT recommended for International customers, order at your own risk.

NOTE: Dec-Ons® are 2d, with the backs being flat and not painted like the front. They contain egg and may have trace amounts of soy. They are certified kosher and gluten-free. Those with nut allergies should not consume any of our edible toppers since we cannot 100% guarantee they were produced in a peanut/tree nut free facility.

STORAGE: These will last a year+ stored with how they come packaged. Store in a cool dry space. If multiple sets are being ordered they may come packed all together.

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