Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas

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We're sharing some fast and easy Valentine's Day cookie decorating ideas with you this week. Lots of fun was had working on these sweet samples to share! Read on to see how you can make these pretty Valentine's Day cookies and cookie pops for all of the sweet peeps in your life! They are easier to make than they look! YOU can make these...really!

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

If you are looking for a great sugar cookie recipe you can find our favorite here. It is a great go-to recipe for basic cut out sugar cookies. If you want to add more flavor to your cookies try using LorAnn Bakery Emulsions in place of the vanilla in the recipe.

Sweet thing: We got recipe cards printed! If you make a purchase for cookie cutters in our shop we'll stick in the recipe card containing our sugar cookie recipe + a recipe for royal icing.

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

We have a variety of fun cookie cutters for Valentine's Day. Check out our seasonal cookie cutters section and our Sweet Sugarbelle section to see all the great shapes available. Our new LOVE cutter has become a fast'll see how we easily decorated it below.

Cookie Cutter Tip: Dip your cutters in flour before cutting out the cookie shape in your dough.

Baking Tip: If you are making a variety of sizes of cookies use 2 baking pans and place the mini and small cookies on one pan and then the medium and larger cookies on another. They will be done at different times and you don't want to burn or overcook your smaller cookies. As you can see by our samples we forgot this step and our mini and small cookies got a little darker than we would have liked.

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

How to Make Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie Pops

We cut out quite a few shapes of sugar cookies and decided it would be fun to make cookie pops! Here's a quick and easy way to make them using our painted rock candy sticks, chocolate, sprinkles and store bought cookie icing (my favorite tips to share with you!).

1. Bake your cookies so they start to get a little brown on the edges. They need to be a little crisp on the bottom to hold up to becoming a cookie pop. After your cookies have cooled select the shapes you want to make into cookie pops. Turn the cookies over on a cooling rack that has a cookie sheet below it (to catch excess sprinkles) and place a rock candy stick in the center of the cookies so they line up in the middle and almost go to the top of the cookie to give support. Use another cookie to help keep the rock candy stick in place and level on your cookies.

2. Melt the some white chocolate or chocolate Candyquik or almond bark per directions and spoon the melted chocolate on the back of your cookies, decorating one cookie at a time. Once your chocolate is on the cookie make sure the rock candy stick is still lined up with your cookie and add some pretty Valentine's Day Sprinklefetti™ sprinkle mix to the the top.

3. Once the chocolate has fully set (you can put in the fridge for a few minutes to speed up the process), flip your cookie pops over and then decorate the front. We share how we decorated them below.

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

Here's how to make decorating your cookies easy, use store bought Betty Crocker Cookie Icing. It just might be my most favorite Valentine's Day cookie decorating ideas to share with you! It can be found at most grocery stores, is inexpensive, convenient, comes in a few colors and helps eliminate a big mess in the kitchen. This is icing is NOT royal icing. This icing is similar to a confectioners sugar glaze, dries semi hard plus you can even decorate the icing once it sets with Edible Art Paints! You'll be thanking me!

Icing hack: You can purchase white cookie icing and cut the bag open, squeeze it into a bowl then add a drop or two of LorAnn Flavorings to give it more flavor. If you want to color it use Americolor Food Coloring to make whatever color you need!

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

You may need a few containers of the icing if you are decorating a lot of cookies. To decorate your cookies follow the directions on the package. I snip one nozzle on the tube so it has a fine opening to outline the cookies with. Then on another tube snip off more of the nozzle to let out more icing. You will then fill in your outline with the icing. If you are adding sprinkles decorate one cookie at a time as the icing starts to set pretty quick. Use a cookie scribe to pop any air bubbles in the icing and to help move the icing where you need.

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

How to Marble Cookie Icing

Here is a simple and pretty way to decorate sugar cookies. To marble your icing pick 2 colors. Outline the cookie with one icing color and add some to the center of the cookie. Add a few dots of the second color icing (we used white as shown above). Using the tip of a cookie scribe drag it through the icing in a back and forth and up and down motion to swirl the two colors together. You'll have an elegant Valentine's Day cookie in no time!

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

Add Gold to your Valentine's Day Cookies

Take your cookie decorating skills to the next level by adding some gold (or whatever color you'd like) detail to your icing AND cookies with Edible Art Paints! Yes, you read that right you can paint right on the cookie too! The new metallic paints add a lovely detail to cookies, cakes, cake pops, marshmallows and more!

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

Our LOVE cookie cutter makes large cookies that can easily be decorated by using 2 colors of icings for the letters. Add a shadow to some of the letters with Metallic Gold Edible Art Paint. I added a jumbo red heart sprinkle to the center of the "O" by adding a dab of the icing to the back of the heart. Simple and sweet!

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Ideas |

We hope the cookie decorating ideas and tips we shared inspire you to bake up a batch of cookies and decorate them! Just think of all of the people you could surprise with your pretty (and easy) Valentine's Day cookies! We'd love to see if you try any of these decorating ideas out. Share on Instagram and tag us in the photo and use #BPSsweetie.

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Happy cookie baking and decorating!
Esther & Shauna

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