Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Our Unicorn party celebration continues with Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries, aka #Uniberries! They are a delightful treat to make. I don't know anyone that wouldn't be happy receiving some of these magical strawberries! It's pretty amazing how a few ingredients can transform a strawberry into a unicorn!

Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries | wwww.bakerspartyshop.com

All through May we'll be sharing fun unicorn party inspiration to help you put together lovely sweets and party ideas to create a magical birthday or party! Last week we showed you how to make Unicorn Horn Fondant Toppers and they are the first step in this weeks project. You will need to make the fondant horns a day or two ahead of time. They are best when they are allowed to set and firm up. We painted the unicorn horns with metallic light silver edible art paint to go with our cool tone unicorn chocolate covered strawberries. If you want to color your horns gold, rose gold or pearl white you can find other colors of the edible art paint here.

Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries | wwww.bakerspartyshop.com


Step two is to dip your strawberries in chocolate. For this project we used white almond bark. Once the chocolate had completely set we used a soft paint brush and dusted the surface of the chocolate with edible super pearl white luster dust to give the chocolate covered strawberries a pretty shimmer. For giggles I dusted a plain strawberry just to see what the luster dust would do and those turned out pretty too! They would make a lovely addition to the top of a cake or cupcake.

Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries | wwww.bakerspartyshop.com

Step three is where the unicorn strawberry really starts to come to life! For a multi colored mane use three colors of frosting. To keep things simple we used store bought light pink frosting as the base and added dye to it to create the other two colors. In a bowl add a some pink frosting and a drop of  Americolor turquiose food coloring. This made a pretty slate teal blue color. In another other bowl add a drop of Americolor Regal Purple food coloring to the pink frosting to make a soft purple. If you were coloring white frosting the colors would be more true to their name and brighter. Once you have your three frosting colors add a small scoop of all three colors to a disposable piping bag fitted with a small star frosting tip. Try to get a little of each color up in the frosting bag near the tip. Squeeze some of the frosting out to see if you see a little of each color. Once you do you are ready to add some swirls of frosting to the top of your strawberry to create the mane of the unicorn.

Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries | wwww.bakerspartyshop.com

After you've piped some swirls for the mane place the unicorn horn fondant topper near the top center of the strawberry. Pipe a few frosting stars around the base of the horn to help it stay in place. Add small sugar pearls which we picked out of our Unicorn Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix, a sprinkle of white sanding sugar and some tiny silver star glitter to make the frosting sparkle.

Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries | wwww.bakerspartyshop.com

To serve your unicorn chocolate covered strawberries add them to a mini silver plate for a darling presentation. Place on a tray, platter or dessert table. Scatter some coordinating Festive Fetti Confetti around, we used Purple Ombre Festive Fetti. I don't know anyone what wouldn't be wowed by these pretty #Uniberries! For more unicorn sweets and party inspiration check out our Instagram feed. We'll be having a few unicorn giveaways throughout May too! You won't want to miss all the fun!

Esther & Shauna

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Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries | wwww.bakerspartyshop.com



  • Hélène Potvin

    Super jolies ces fraises mais je peux les faire combien de temps avant le service.
    Et peut-on les mettre au frigo malgré le chocolat.

  • Destiny krystell Payton

    Definitely making these for my little sister upcoming party

  • lin

    Can you tell me what tip you used for the unicorn hair please?

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