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Sweet baby shower favors and favor packaging ideas are what we're sharing this week to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby girl to our blogger friend Laura of Make Life Lovely. A creative group of blogger pals of Laura came together to host this special virtual baby shower blog hop showcasing a beautiful invite, mocktail recipes, a fun shower activity, washcloth centerpiece, confetti, blanket photo backdrops, wishes for baby cards and more cute favors! We hope you have fun and get some sweet baby shower inspiration. And to Laura, we're so excited for you and the sweet little addition to your family that is coming! We hope you enjoy all the baby ideas and get ready to learn how to make two easy sweet baby shower favors. One you make and one you decorate!

Welcome to our virtual baby shower!


Our first baby shower favor is an easy fudge recipe where you pour the fudge right into the favor container! We are so excited about our new small gold and white round candy boxes and thought the pretty ruffle edge on them makes them perfect for baby shower favors! We created a new Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix in honor of this special project!

Sweet Baby Shower Favors | www.bakerspartyshop.com

We adapted a recipe for 2 Ingredient Fudge from Dessert for Two which is one of my favorite blogs and IG feeds to follow. When you have a lot of favors to make sometimes finding easy and quick recipes are a great place to start for inspiration. Put your spin on them and enhance with decorations and packaging that matches the baby shower or party theme.

How to Make Fudge Baby Shower Favors

This recipe make 6 fudge favors when using the candy boxes listed below.


3/4 of a 14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk

11 ounce bag of good quality white chocolate chops

flavoring of choice, we combined 2 flavors and mixed LorAnn Marshmallow and Cheesecake flavor

Small white or gold candy boxes

Sprinklefetti Little Darling sprinkle mix (need to add listing)

Sweet Baby Shower Favors | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Fudge Directions: In a small saucepan on low heat add 3/4 of the can of sweetened condensed milk and the 14 ounce bag of white chocolate chips. Heat slowly and stir constantly so you do not burn your fudge mixture. Once it melts and comes together, remove from heat and add the full drum jar of marshmallow and cheesecake flavoring. Fill each of the round candy containers almost up to the top. While the fudge is still warm sprinkle on the Sprinklefetti sprinkles and slightly press them into the top of the fudge so they stick. As an extra special detail you can lightly sprinkle on edible glitter to add just a touch of sparkle. We used creamsicle edible glitter which goes on paler than the product listing photo shows. It's quite fine like glitter and adds such a pretty sparkle and finishing touch.

Flavor Tip: While the flavor combination we used was quite charming because white chocolate chips was used for the fudge if I were to make white chocolate fudge again I might try a citrus flavor to help cut the sweetness of the white chocolate. Orange or orange cream flavoring would be lovely.

Sweet Baby Shower Favors | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Easy Pocky Baby Shower Favors

Now if you can apply blush you can make, or decorate we should say, these easy Pocky baby shower favors. They would be great for party favors too! Since our first baby shower favor was super sweet this one is not as sweet as fudge. Pocky is a very thin (not that sweet) biscuit stick that is dipped in a dark rich chocolate. It goes great with tea and coffee. If you're serving those at the shower the Pocky sticks would look lovely displayed in a glass too.

Sweet Baby Shower Favors | www.bakerspartyshop.com

We decided to color the chocolate with a dusting of edible luster dusts and then add a touch of the edible gold glitter over top to make them sparkle! Package them up in our Thank You Favor Bag Kit that comes with small glassine bags and pretty gold metallic thank you stickers.

Sweet Baby Shower Favors | www.bakerspartyshop.com

So there you have it! Two easy and sweet baby shower favors! You can adapt either of these to make into birthday party or wedding favors too. Change the sprinkles to match your color theme for the fudge and decorate the Pocky slightly different. You could even double dip them in melted chocolate to add sprinkles to them too. Whichever sweets your guests grab they are sure to enjoy!

To visit all of the amazing hosts and their projects for our virtual baby shower, visit each one by clicking the links below:

See all of the fun with our hashtag #BabyLovelyIsComing

Esther & Shauna

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Sweet Baby Shower Favors | www.bakerspartyshop.com


  • Bri Adams

    The fudge that you pour right into the container is genius! Makes for a quick and easy yet gorgeous shower treat. And Pocky Sticks are a favorite of mine so this is a fabulous way to dress them up. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Lori

    I LOVE fudge!! These boxes are simply adorable and yummy!! What a fun treat for this shower!!

  • Laura Russell

    Just when I thought fudge couldn’t get any better, you went and made a CUSTOM sprinkle mix named after my baby and added it to the top!! Seriously, that is amazing and such an honor! Thanks so much for the sweet surprise and for your yummy fudge favors! I’m such a lucky girl to have such thoughtful friends.

  • Jen

    Ok, that mix is BEAUTIFUL, and I love the little containers!

  • Rachel McAffee

    I am so in love with this gorgeous mix! What a sweet favor for a baby shower!

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