Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial

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We're sharing an easy shark cookie decorating tutorial for shark week plus giving you a sneak peek at our shark party table. Get ready to take a "chomp" out of these cookies while you watch all the shark week specials. The cookies we'll be teaching you how to decorate would be fun for a nautical party too. Bonus, there is no baking involved! 

Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial |

This post should have been done a week ago, time sure does fly by during summer right?! With shark week having already started you can still make these shark cookies in no time! With store bought cookies (or homemade if you prefer), gummy shark candy, cookie icing and some sprinkles you'll be taking a bite out of them before you know it!

Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial |

Supply List:

3" round cookies, we used store bought soft Dutch Cocoa Cookies

shark gummy candies, found at a local candy shop

cookie icing, we used white but blue would also look great

white sanding sugar

blue sanding sugar 

mini white sugar pearls and mini blue sugar pearls

large white and blue sugar pearls

white jewel dust®

cookie scribe, 2-in-1 cookie decorating tool, or dotting tool

baking mat

Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial |

Step 1: Knead the cookie icing bag per instructions. You'll want to cut off quite a bit of the icing bag tip since you'll be covering the top of the cookie. From about 1/4" in from the edge pipe a circle of the icing on the cookie. Fill in that circle by piping in more icing. Since this cookie icing spreads a little fill in about 80% of the cookie and use a cookie scribe or 2-in1 decorating tool to push the icing around and fill in any empty spots. It doesn't have to be perfectly level since you will be adding sprinkles.

Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial |

Tip: We love working with the Betty Crocker cookie icing we carry. It cuts down on mess, sets semi firm pretty quickly letting you have a decorated cookie you can enjoy in no time. If you prefer royal icing feel free to try this tutorial out with that. Just keep in mind that icing takes longer to set and dry.

Shark Cookie Decorating Turtorial |

Step 2: Work quickly decorating one cookie at a time. Once your cookie is iced sprinkle on white sanding sugar and blue sanding sugar. Add a small dot of icing to where you will place a shark gummy to help it stick. Add a few mini and large sugar pearls around the shark to add extra detail. Lightly press them into the icing to help them to stick and not roll off.

Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial |

Step 3: This step is optional however it does give your shark cookies an extra sparkle! To keep your fingers clean and to help disperse white jewel dust® over the cookie use a small fan paint brush. Dip the end of the brush into the glitter, hold over the cookie and lightly tap the paint brush handle to get the glitter to sprinkle down onto the cookie. Allow them to set for 20 minutes before taking a CHOMP out of them!

Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial |

We hope you've enjoyed our shark cookie decorating tutorial and try making them yourself. This is an easy project to do with kids too! If you make them we'd love to see. Tag us on social at "@bakerspartyshop #BPSsweetie" so we can see and share your creations! Stay tuned, we'll be sharing our shark party tips and other sweet DIY's over the rest of the week. Head to @bakerspartyshop on Instagram for videos and behind the scenes fun on our feed and in our stories.

Esther & Shauna

PS:  Did the life preserver cookies catch your eye? We'll break down how to decorate those in an upcoming nautical cookie decorating post! 

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Shark Cookie Decorating Tutorial |


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  • Alice

    Not wild about sharks (eek!), but those life rescue rings, especially the ones floating on blue pool of water will be terrific pared with your red stripe plates and napkins for a lake side afternoon get together. My jug of lemonade, tinted blue with kool aid topped of with red-n-white floating fishing bobbers, will tie my naiticle table together. Red spoons for fruit cups too! Thanks for the inspiration! Signing off to go to your shop to pick out just the right ice cream cups… thanks again.

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