Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways


We're continuing our Unicorn Party Celebration month and showing you how to make mini unicorn cakes 3 ways, aka #Unicakes! Don't you love indulging in your own individual dessert?! Our first cake features the Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries we showed you how to make last week, our second has a surprise under hot fudge and our third cake sample has a cheesecake swirl. These beauties can be put together with a few store bought items and some of our fabulous products. They will make your unicorn party dessert table shine!

Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |

Mini Unicorn Cake with Strawberry Step 1: Make Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries the day you are serving your cakes if you want them to look like the above example. For the cakes use cake shells which can be found at most markets in the bakery section. The ones we're using are often used for strawberry shortcakes. We thought they'd be fun to jazz up! You could make your own small individual sized cakes or cut a sheet cake into 3" rounds as well. Place the cakes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper leaving a little space between each cake.

Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |

Mini Unicorn Cake with Strawberry Step 2: Time to glaze! To create the drip on the cake shells we used store bought cookie icing that comes in a pouch. For the icing snip the tip off the icing nozzle so you have a medium size hole to allow a good amount of icing to come out. In a zig zag motion squeeze the icing along the top edge of the cake shell. The icing will start to fall down the sides creating the drip. This may take some practice. Decorate one cake with the glaze at a time and quickly add some of our Sprinklefetti sprinkle mixes to the icing before it sets. If you like the purple ombre sprinklefetti sprinkle mix shown you can find them here. We also added some tiny silver star glitter which makes them look magical!

Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |

Mini Unicorn Cake with Strawberry Step 3: Time to fill the cake shells! There are a variety of things you can add to them. For our first cake we used store bought pink frosting that we added a little whipped cream cheese and confectioners sugar to to help add flavor. Take some of the pink frosting and add some to two bowls. Then add a little turquoise food coloring to one bowl and some regal purple food coloring to the other. This gives you a multi colored swirl of frosting.

Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |

Once your frosting is colored fill 3 disposable piping bags leaving some space in the bag, don't overfill them. Seal the end of the bags using bag closure. Flatten them out a little as you need to add them to the large frosting bag fitted with a jumbo star tip. We used the silicone bag and star tip from this set. Snip the ends off the 3 disposable frosting bags and place them into the larger bag. Now you are ready to add some swirls of frosting to the mini unicorn cake shells. Sprinkle on a little white sanding sugar and more silver star glitter. They would be darling as is but we chose to finish them with a Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberry.

Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |

Mini Unicorn Cake with Hot Fudge Sauce:

1. Make some small Unicorn Horn Fondant Toppers. These can be made a day or two ahead and are actually better when made ahead so they can firm up. We colored our horn with sunkissed gold edible art paint.

2. Use store bought cookie icing to add a drip to the top edge of the cake just as you did in the first cake example. We sprinkled some of our Unicorn Rainbow Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix that has a variety of pretty shapes and colors.

3. Add half of a crumbled double stuff Oreo to the inside of the cake cup. Spoon some warm hot fudge sauce over the Oreo crumbles to fill the cup. Allow the hot fudge sauce to firm up.

4. Place your painted unicorn horn fondant topper towards the back of the cake shell. Place 3 colors of frosting into a piping bag fitted with a small star frosting tip and pipe around the horn making swirls. Decorate with more of the Unicorn Rainbow Sprinklefetti sprinkles. Add a few to the hot fudge sauce too for a fun look.

Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |

Mini Unicorn Cake with Cheesecake:

1. For this mini unicorn cake we thought we'd switch it up a bit and add a hot fudge drip. for best results getting the drip to not make a mess is to use slightly warm hot fudge. If it is too hot it will drip down the cake to fast. 

2. Fill a disposable piping bag fitted with a jumbo star frosting tip  with store bought cheesecake filling. Pipe a swirl into the cake shell. Add unicorn rainbow sprinklefetti and top with a unicorn horn fondant topper. The horn on this cake was painted with Metallic light silver edible art paint. Poof, you have a magical unicorn cake in no time!

Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |

To serve your beautiful mini unicorn cakes place them on a small silver cake plate  or small gold cake plate and add more sprinkles or silver star glitter. You now have magical cakes to serve and enjoy! For more unicorn sweets and party inspiration check out our Instagram feed. We'll be having a few unicorn giveaways and sales coming soon. You won't want to miss all the fun!

Esther & Shauna

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Mini Unicorn Cakes 3 Ways |



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    These are sooooooo cute!!!!

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    Oh my!!! These mini uni cakes are unbelievable! Simply amazing!

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