Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets


We're teaching you how to make easy mermaid party favors and sweets! They'd be perfect for mermaid birthday parties and are so fun to put together! Are you ready to learn how to transform some store bought treats into something that will be as magical as a mermaid?

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

When planning a mermaid party there are so many things you can do. To keep things easy so you can enjoy your party we're sharing with you multiple fun ideas that you can make for your mermaid party. Many can be made ahead saving you time and stress on party day!

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Party Favors #1 - Mermaid Madeleine's Pops

Decorate store bought Madeleine's with cookie icing  or chocolate and top Sprinklefetti Mermaid Sprinkles Mix. Insert a painted rock candy stick to the backside of the cookie to turn them into Mermaid Madeleine Pops. Use cellophane bags and twist ties  to turn them into a sweet and pretty mermaid party favor. They would also look pretty placed on a dessert table.

Tip: To get the rock candy stick to stay in the cookie dip the end of the stick in chocolate then insert into the backside of the Madeline.

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Party Favors #2 - Sprinkle Party Favors

Sprinkles make perfect party favors! We just launched our new "Just a Pinch" Sprinkle Party Favors. These fun mini sets come in a variety of color combinations and styles of sprinkles. Shown above is our Sanding Sugar Mermaid Sprinkle Set. They come a packaged in a cellophane bag tied with bakers twine making it a ready to go party favor! Each vial has a teaspoon of sugar so kids can decorate their own sweets!

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Party Favors #3 - Mermaid Lip Balm Party Favors

What could be cuter than sprinkles?...well matching mermaid lip balms of course! Christine of Sweet Lips Lip Balm Co. created the sweetest Dream Big Little Mermaid Lip Balm to match our mermaid sprinkles. These lip balms are cute and smell delicious! Grape bubblegum for the win! Add these to party favor bags with the sprinkle party favor sets and other fun goodies.

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Party Favors #4 - Confetti

Everyone loves confetti right?! Use it to decorate for your party and also give it out as a party favor! We carry a large selection of Festive Fetti Confetti that match many of the popular party color schemes and other products we carry. The Blue Ombre Festive Fetti Confetti was used a few of the party photos. It adds a pop of color to your party! Tuck it into party favor bags so you can continue the fun when you get home!

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Sweets #1 - Mermaid Brownie Cakes

Use a mermaid cookie cutter to cut out store bought sheet brownies or make a pan of your own. To dress up your brownies and make them look like mermaid tails ice them with store bought cookie icing (we used Betty Crocker brand). Use a cookie pick to help get the icing to the edge of the brownie. To add some detail add sugar pearls to the edge of one side of the brownie. Allow the icing to fully set for an hour or so. To create the watercolor effect lightly rub some donut sugar across the icing with a paint brush. Finish it off by painting the end of the tail with Glamorous Gold Edible Art Paint.

Get fancy: To create the version in the center we used our Plum Edible Art Paint mixed with a little Pearl White Edible Art Paint with our scales cookie stencil. Lightly place the cookie stencil over the brownie where the icing has set for a couple hours. Using a larger size paint brush dip in the paint. You don't want to use too much paint or it will bleed under the stencil. Lightly dab the paint brush over the stencil. We wanted a watercolor style effect and didn't mind if it bled a little. Add some gold details with Glamorous Gold Edible Art Paint and some tiny polka dots here and there to create a beautiful mermaid scales pattern.

Tip: The brownies are easier to cut if they are thin and don't have chunks in them.

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Sweets #2 - Mini Mermaid Drip Cakes

We found store bought brownie and madeleine bites at the store. They were a perfect blend of the other two sweets for our mermaid party and we knew we could do something easy and cute with them! We flipped them over and decorated the top with cookie icing. To create the drip do a zig zag pattern on the top edge of the brownie and fill in the top with the cookie icing. It will slowly start to drip down the brownie. You use less of the icing than you'd think, too much will drip all the way down the brownie. Top with mermaid nonpareil sprinkles and add some hearts to the top from our deluxe version of our Sprinklefetti Mermaid Sprinkle Mix. You have an easy and adorable sweet mini "cake" in no time!

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Sweets #3 - Mermaid Cupcakes

What's a party without cupcakes? Here we've dressed up store bought cupcakes in less than one minute! Sprinkle on some of our Sprinklefetti Under the Sea Sprinkle Mix and top with a pretty gold glitter mermaid tail cupcake topper. Place on mini gold appetizer plates that have some sprinkles added around the base of the cupcake. Put on a dessert table or display and scatter some Festive Fetti Mermaid Confetti around for the perfect finishing touch!

Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |

Mermaid Sweets #4 - Mermaid Cake

For those that need cake at a party here's and easy way to still have one! Pick up a plain small cake from your favorite store or bakery and decorate it yourself. In about 2 minutes we made this pretty cake. Add sprinkles of your choice, a flower or two and top with a pretty gold glitter mermaid cake topper. The cake toppers we carry by Two Chihuahuas are made specifically for smaller cakes. You can use on larger cakes too along with flowers or candy accents.

Well there you have it! Eight easy and fun ideas you can incorporate into your next mermaid party. From fun mermaid party favors to sweets they will be a wonderful addition to your little mermaids celebration. To make it easy we've linked the products we carry to help you shop and recreate this look at home.

Esther & Shauna

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Mermaid Party Favors and Sweets |


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