How to Make Rose Gold Sprinkles


We're sharing how to make rose gold sprinkles using the fabulous Metallic Edible Art Paint we carry. They're easy to make and give you such pretty results! The color is perfect for decorating wedding, shower or special event cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candies. Get ready to turn your white or light colored sprinkles to a pretty rose gold in just a few minutes!

How to Make Rose Gold Sprinkles |

We've searched for rose gold sprinkles to add to our shop and have had no luck. While using some of the Metallic Edible Art Paint to color cookies and icing I thought it might be fun to try coloring some sprinkles. You'll see our results on a variety of styles of sprinkles. It was fast, easy and fun and they will make your sweets look oh so pretty!

How to Make Rose Gold Sprinkles |

We just got in some shimmer white heart sprinkles and while they are delightful as is we wanted to see if we could color them. It worked and boy oh boy are the results pretty! We tried coloring nonpareils, shimmer jimmies, white hearts and even light silver star sprinkles. The Metallic Rose Gold Edible Art Paint worked well for all!

How to Make Rose Gold Sprinkles |

How to Make Rose Gold Sprinkles

1. Select the sprinkles styles you want to try coloring. White or light colors will work best if you want the color to be true or close to the Edible Art Paint you are using.

2. Place the sprinkles in a small plastic container that has a lid. Shake, shake, shake the paint you are using so it is thoroughly mixed. Squirt some of the paint into the container. Place the lid on and continue to shake well. If the color is too light add more paint and shake again.

3. Place the sprinkles you've colored onto a parchment lined baking tray to dry. This can take a few hours to overnight depending on how much paint was used.

4. Decorate your sweet treats with the new pretty sprinkles you've made!

How to Make Rose Gold Sprinkles |

From left to right you can see the white and light silver sprinkles we turned into rose gold sprinkles starting with white heart sprinkles, white shimmer jimmie sprinkles, shimmer white nonpareils, silver star sprinkles. For a pretty effect you can decorate your sweets and use some of the sprinkles left white or silver to show contrast.

How to Make Rose Gold Sprinkles |

So the next time you are in need of rose gold sprinkles try making them yourself! We have the perfect Metallic Rose Gold Edible Art Paint that will transform sprinkles into something pretty! Need gold, bronze, or silver sprinkles? We've got those colors in our Edible Art Paint collection too! Get ready to get your sprinkle on!

Cheers and happy sprinkling!
Esther & Shauna

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  • Chris

    How do you keep them from sticking together and drying in one large clump?

  • Maribeth

    The sprinkles look just beautiful. Do you have other colors of Edible Art Paint to do other colors of sprinkles. People always have requests for certain colors & I do my best to make the color for the cookies with no complaints but seeing how the rose gold sprinkles came out other colors would be just as pretty!!

  • Brenda @ Festive Fetti

    I love this so much – the rose gold sprinkles look beautiful on the cupcakes

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