How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles


This week we're sharing  how to make marbled chocolate truffles by our sweet design team member Johneris. We sent her the new cookbook Chocolate for Beginners by Kate Shaffer of Black Dinah Chocolatiers with the goal of learning more about chocolate, trying out something she learned from the book with using some products from our shop to share a tutorial with our readers.

This post is not sponsored. We share about small businesses we love, support and think our readers will enjoy. The book Johneris was sent was purchased by Bakers Party Shop. Black Dinah Chocolatiers donated 2 books for a giveaway to celebrate the launch of this post. Head over to our Instagram feed and look for a giveaway post on 2/14/20 for your chance to enter.

 How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |

A little bit about Black Dinah Chocolatiers and my appreciation of chocolate...

Kate founded Black Dinah Chocolatiers in 2007 and creates award winning chocolates and caramels. I first fell in love with Black Dinah chocolates while working at a store that sold them. I will admit I am not a self professed chocolate fanatic so that should tell you how good their chocolates are for me to say that,  they are that good. Kate's focus on quality ingredients and technique are apparent in each bite. I will say my thoughts on chocolate were forever changed once I started trying quality chocolate made with the best ingredients. As with most things you can taste a difference when you use the best possible ingredients. Just like when a baker uses the best butter in a recipe, you taste it.

I was thrilled to see that Kate wrote a book about chocolate that shares not only a plethora of great recipes but also a ton of information that will help anyone get to know chocolate better and how to use it. I tend to buy cookbooks as gifts (I read them like books..don't you?) and if I find one I like I like to share it. I knew a project about chocolate would be something fun for one of our sweet design team members to try and we are so excited to share how to make marbled chocolate truffles inspired by Chocolate for Beginners and taught to you by Johneris. We hope you enjoy and try making them too! And if you'd like to try Black Dinah's chocolates they ship! A couple of my personal favorites are their sea salt caramels, dark chocolate frogs and peanut butter peepers. They also have a new line of drinking chocolate and chocolate barks that look divine!

How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |

How to Make Marbled Chocolates: by Johneris Nin

The Chocolate for Beginners book is an excellent resource. I enjoyed learning tips on working with chocolate, and everything is explain so clearly. The information is detailed and with easy to follow the instructions that helps you create decadent chocolate recipes at home. I was so excited to read through the recipe and choose something to make to share with you. Since Valentine's Day was getting close I thought making the raspberry truffle recipe from the book would be fun to try since it is one of my favorite combinations. I've been making marbled chocolate lately and thought combing the two would make a very special chocolate.

 How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |

Step 1: Make the chocolate ganache filling first.

This recipe was so easy to make, I followed the steps from the Chocolate for Beginners cookbook and they turned out so good! Something to keep in mind is making this recipe early enough to allow enough time for the ganache to firm in the freezer before hand rolling the truffles. It can take several hours before but it's so worth it the wait.

 How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |

Step 2: While you are waiting for the truffle filling to harden you can make the chocolate shells.

I worked on a Valentine Treats project for Bakers Party Shop a few weeks ago where I made marbled chocolates and loved the look so much I thought it would be fun to try making them again with adding the raspberry truffle center and share with you how I made the marble look.

To create the marbled effect in a bowl I alternately added two shades of melted chocolate, I used dark chocolate and white, slightly stir it and then pour it into a square or round petit four candy mold. Flip the mold over onto a parchment lined baking sheet to collect the excess chocolate. Set the chocolate lined molds in the fridge to set up. The petit four molds work great since they are deep, allowing you to add a nice amount of the raspberry truffle center.

You can view a video of this process on my Instagram feed here.

 How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |

Tip on Removing Chocolate from a Mold:

The most helpful tip I learned from this book for this project was that you can use a . blow dryer on the mold to help them release the set chocolate from the mold more easily. The chocolates came out so easy on this batch, I barely had to tap on the surface to get them out. 

 How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |

The raspberry chocolate truffle recipe was easy to make. I followed the steps and the truffles turned out so good. I not only learned new things about chocolate, but I impressed everyone at work with these delicious chocolates. To finish the look I added a little edible gold glitter and a little heart sprinkle. They got nestled into a midi white cupcake liner and then packed up in a heart candy box to make the sweetest presentation. I can't wait to try out more recipes from the book. If you've been wanting to learn more about chocolate and how to work with it I highly recommend Chocolate for Beginners. You will bookmark many pages of things you'll want to try!

 How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |

We hoped you enjoyed learning about how to make marbled chocolate truffles and the fabulous resource of the book Chocolate for Beginners. It has become a favorite here and we hope you order yourself a copy. Tips and fabulous recipes make it a win win and then you can make chocolates as beautiful and delicious as these! Head over to our Instagram feed and look for a special giveaway post for your chance to enter a giveaway where you can win a copy of the book + a $25 shop credit to our site. Good news is we will have two winners! Giveaway will start 2/14/20.

Happy chocolate making...and eating!

Esther and Sweet Design Team Member Johneris

Forward, closing and photo editing by Esther of Bakers Party Shop. Making, styling and photos by Design Team Member Johneris. If you share a photo from our post a link must be displayed back to this post and credit given to Bakers Party Shop. All photos in this post and content are copyright of Bakers Party Shop and our Design Team Members, 2020 All rights reserved.

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 How to Make Marbled Chocolate Truffles |



  • Erin K.

    I’m definitely a beginner and this looks so easy to do. Not complicated at all. And they look delicious! Thanks!

  • Michelle

    These look so amazing! I just tried to make truffles this weekend, but this technique seems foolproof!

  • Gretchen

    Yum!! These sound delicious and look absolutely stunning! I always have trouble with truffles but I may have to try again with this!

  • Cindy Tran

    Your truffles looks amazing & delicious 😋

  • Candice Brokish

    Great post! I love baking, and have wanted to attempt making my own gourmet chocolates for a while now. This book and this post seems like a great place to start!

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