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Don't forget the Hostess this holiday season! Surprise them with Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix! It is sweet and savory plus if you are short on time you can make this in a jiff! We're so excited to be participating in a Holiday Party Hop this week with 18 other talented party gals to share some wonderful party, entertaining ideas and recipes. If you've just hopped over from Pretty Twinkle Party, welcome! While thinking of what we should share, I thought the hostess does so much work, why not make something for them! I make, or should I say mix this up every Christmas for friends, family and yes, to give as hostess gifts!

Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix |

Now before we get started on our Holiday Hostess Gift Trail mix I want to mention you should really start at the beginning of our Holiday Party Hop and visit each blog in the line up. You'll be inspired and may find a few ideas you can easily incorporate into this holiday! To start from the beginning pop over to the organizer of all this fun, Mirabelle Creations to see her sweet Christmas Hot Cocoa Party! At the end of her post there will be a link for you to head over to the next great blog. So grab a cup of cocoa, a cookie or two and put on some Christmas music and get ready to be inspired!

Holiday Party Hop

Now if you are looking for something quick to make for last minutes gifts, emergency dinner plans and unexpected holiday parties this trail mix might just become your go to thing to bring! I've been "mixing" this up for the last couple years and everyone who's gotten one always asks if they are on the list for next year! The mix is full of store bought items with a nice balance of sweet and savory. You can alter the mix to your tastes or the tastes of those you are gifting this too.

Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix |

Tips on how to make the perfect Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix

1. Have a variety of savory and sweet small nibbles such as nuts, sesame sticks, chocolate covered berries and small pretzels. For a nice variety 12-18 items make a nice mix. Now that may sound like a lot, however you can get items in small packages and you don't need a ton of any one item.

2. Besides having a mix of sweet and savory have a mix of items that are expensive and not so expensive. Splurge on a small box of dark chocolate almonds and fill in with honey roasted peanuts and sesame sticks that cost less. They all taste delicious and since the mix is of many things you can balance out the flavors as well as the costs.

3. Use fun containers to pack your trail mix in such as Polka Dot Red Takeout Cups or try using any of our paper ice cream cups that come with clear lids. Those are perfect for a party favor too!

Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix |

Ingredients in our Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix:

Honey Roasted Peanuts
Sesame Seed Cashews
Coconut Cashews
Sweet and Spicy Pecans
Candied Walnuts
Candied Pumpkin Spice Pepitas
Sesame Sticks
Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets
Milk Chocolate Covered Blueberries
Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Chocolate Covered Espresso
Chocolate Covered Cranberries

In a large bowl start adding some of all the ingredients you've picked out for your mix and gently mix them all up until you have the amount you need to package up for gifts or to serve at your event. If your hostess decides to share the trail mix you've gifted it would look pretty served in pretty glasses wide and shallow drink glasses like a martini glass.

Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix |

Most of the items in this Mix were purchased at Trader Joe's and some of the small chocolate covered items are from Whole Foods from their bulk bins. I was able to scoop out just a little of some decadent items to make our trail mix extra special and more for the adult palette. Trader Joe's has a wonderful selection of nuts of all kinds and many come in small bags so you can have more variety.

Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix |

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to make the perfect Holiday Hostess Gift Trail Mix! It will be a welcomed surprise for any hostess! The mix also ships well so if you have friends or family away this makes a lovely edible gift you can mail. Now the party fun is not over, be sure to hop over to Brenda's Wedding Blog to see more festive party inspiration!

Happy Holidays!
Esther & Shauna

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  • Bri Adams

    Thank you so much for these mix suggestions. I’m making this mix as a gift for my kids teachers this year at Valentine’s. I think it will be a hit!

  • Sarah Sofia Knepp

    This looks so delicious and festive! I love creative hostess gifts, they’re much more meaningful than just a bottle of wine. I enjoyed being apart of the Holiday Party Hop with you! XOXO, Sarah

  • Bird

    Such a fun and fabulous party idea! Great for hampers ;)

  • Carolina Villarreal

    Love this mix!! I think it’s gonna become one of my favorite snacks!

  • Goldie

    Amazing gift idea! I Love It!

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