Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies

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We're here to share easy cookie decorating tips for Christmas sugar cookies! These tips can be used on all kinds of cookies. Sugar cookies during the holiday season are plentiful and they're the perfect canvas to get creative with decorating, AND it can be easy, really! Let us show you how with just a few items...

Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies

Skill Level: Easy, even kids would have fun!

Decorating supplies Used in this tutorial:

white cookie icing (we used Betty Crocker Cookie Icing, we LOVE it)

seasonal cookie cutters if you are making your own cookies

edible glitter; we used white, gold and leaf green

mini sugar pearls and large sugar pearls

edible art paint; we used black

fine tip paint brush

cookie scribe

Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies | www.bakkerspartyshop.com

Step 1: Bake your favorite cut out sugar cookie recipe or purchase store bought cookies you can add icing and decorations to. If baking cookies make sure you allow them to cool completely before adding icing.

Step 2: Gather the decorating ingredients from the list above. We found decorating one cookie style at a time and one cookie at a time works best. The cookie icing tends to set fast, you want to make sure you add your edible glitter to it while it is still wet.

Tip: If you don't have our new edible glitter try using colored sanding sugar. The sugar will look a little different but will still have a pretty sparkly effect, especially white sanding sugar on the snowflake cookies!

Easy Cookie Decorating Ideas: Christmas Sugar Cookies | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Step 3: Decide if you want your cookies in one or two colors. The snowflakes shown are one color with white piped icing with white edible glitter added and a simple silver sugar pearl placed in the center. If you want to try two color decorating it's easy to do using edible glitters with only applying it to part of the cookie. All of the color shown on the cookies are from edible glitter, edible art paint and sugar pearls. White was the only icing color used making it super easy to recreate these pretty cookie!

Two Color Cookie Decorating Steps:

Place one cookie on piece of parchment paper. Whatever part of the cookie that is going to have the edible glitter accent is what you want to ice first. Outline the antler shape and fill it in with the white cookie icing. Use a cookie scribe to help move the icing to fill in the space evenly. Sprinkle on the gold edible glitter (or whatever color you want to make them). Shake off any access glitter onto the piece of parchment so you can add it back to the glitter jar.

Next outline the head of the deer with the white cookie icing and and fill in that space. Add a red mini sugar pearl for the nose. Allow the icing to set for 5-10 minutes before you then paint on the black curve for the eye. While you are waiting you can decorate more cookies. That's it, how easy and pretty is that deer cookie! It's definitely a new favorite of mine! If you get a hang of that try decorating snowflakes, ornaments or free hand your design it like the below bonus tutorial!

Tip: After you sprinkle and shake off the access edible glitter if you want to remove more that has fallen on other parts of the cookie use a soft brush to brush off more.

Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Bonus Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Holly Leaf Sugar Cookies

If you're ready to take your cookie decorating to the next level you can turn round homemade or store bought sugar cookies into a Christmas ones by following the same guidelines above with a twist. We thought a holly leaf would be pretty so we free hand piped it with the white cookie icing, added 3 large red sugar pearls in the center then added a sprinkling of leaf green glitter with a little white over top to add a highlight. Once the icing has set for a few minutes you can add a line down the center of each holly leaf with black edible art paint. There you have it, a round cookie transformed into a Christmas sugar cookie in no time. Can you believe that white icing was the only icing color used!

Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Now if you're really getting the hang of things you can try making our Edible Christmas Cookie Gift Tags that we shared a few weeks ago.

Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies | www.bakerspartyshop.com

We hope you enjoyed our easy cookie decorating tips for Christmas sugar cookies and try making some with our tips. Creating sparkly festive holiday cookies with all edible decorations will definitely impress this cookie season! And don't forget these are easy to recreate, really!

Cheers and happy cookie decorating!
Esther & Shauna

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Easy Cookie Decorating Tips: Christmas Sugar Cookies | www.bakerspartyshop.com



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