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There's a new trend in the cake pop world and they're called cakesicles! This week you'll learn how to make cupcake cakesicles and cakebars by our favorite cake pop maker and sweets designer Becca of Sweet Whimsy Shop. These cupcake shaped chocolates with a cake dough center are a perfect sweet to make and gift for Valentine's Day, use for birthday party favors and for when you want to surprise someone with a homemade treat. The sky is the limit on what colors to make them and how to decorate them. You're learning how to make them from the best, take it away Becca...

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

As the cakesicle trend develops and widens, makers and bakers are already creating new adaptions of the adaption of the standard cake pop. Cakesicles are cake pops that are crafted in such a way as to look like small popsicles. Instead of lollipop sticks, small popsicle sticks are used, but all other ingredients (cake, frosting, and chocolate or candy coating) are the same. If you have never made a cake pop, I highly recommend Angie “Bakerella” Dudley’s book Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More than 40 Irresistable Mini Treats as a learning tool. It’s what I used 7 years ago, when I was first starting out. For this tutorial, you will need to know how to make your own “cake dough” or “cake balls,” as needed for cake pops.

Cupcake Cakesicles & Cakebars Tutorial | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

If you have never made a cakesicle, you may want to start with a simpler technique (which uses the original cakesicle mold, and only one color of candy coating, instead of the 2 used for this design). My Christmas Tree Cakesicles tutorial offers step-by-step guidance for creating basic cakesicles using the “casting” method of production. The same (casting) method is used for making these cupcake cakesicles/cakebars, but the addition of a second color of candy coating adds more of a challenge than necessary for someone learning how to make cakesicles for the first time.

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

The mold used for this tutorial affords you the option of making cakesicles (with popsicle sticks) or cakebars (made without sticks). I’ve never seen a mold designed for both, so I was super excited about the versatility. The flexibility of “stick or no stick” not only offers more options for presentation, but also provides more possibilities for how the final product is packaged and displayed. Sometimes the stick of a cake pop or cakesicle can limit how the product is packaged, so I like that the cakebar design can be packaged in cute boxes and bags that are usually reserved for cookies and other “stickless” treats.

Ingredients and Supplies to Make Cupcake Cakesicles and/or Cakebars,

Cake Balls, in your choice of flavor(s)

Pink and Brown colored chocolate candy coating (Such as Wilton’s Candy Melts)

Mini popsicle sticks, if making cakesicles

Disposable piping bags for melted chocolate

Cupcake cakesicle mold

Tiny heart sprinkles

Jumbo heart sprinkles

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

To begin, you’ll need the cakesicle mold, 3 cake balls, candy melts, and popsicle sticks (if you’re making cakesicles; no sticks are needed for cakebars). If making cakesicles, open the mold as shown two photos above. If making cakebars, be sure the mold is locked into place with the 4 snaps, as shown right above.

Melt the brown and pink candy melts, each in a separate container. Grab a couple of spoons (one for each color of chocolate). Starting first with the pink candy coating, place a spoonful into the top half (the cupcake’s “frosting”) of each cavity in the mold. Then carefully spread the coating to all edges. Try to avoid getting any of the pink chocolate on the bottom half (the cupcake’s “wrapper”) of the cavity. I don’t have any great suggestions for preventing “overflow,” other than to be slow and careful with how you spread the melted chocolate. Allow the pink coating to cool completely before moving on to the next step. You can freeze the mold for 5-10 minutes, if desired.

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

After the pink coating has cooled/hardened, repeat with the milk chocolate coating, carefully covering the bottom half of each cupcake cavity. If you are making cakesicles, your mold should remain open. For cake bars, keep the mold snapped closed. Freeze for 5-10 minutes.

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

Remove from freezer. Press one cake ball in to each cavity of the mold. If you’re making cakesicles, carefully insert a popsicle stick into each piece of pressed cake dough, using the rectangle cavity as a guide. If you dip the top part of the stick in melted chocolate first, it should help “glue” the stick to the cake.

Once all 3 sticks have been attached, snap the bottom part of the mold into place, to cover and secure the popsicle sticks. At this point, the mold for cakesicles and cakebars will be set-up the same (snapped closed).

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

Seal the cakesicles/cakebars by using melted brown and pink candy coating. If the chocolate (in the melting containers) has cooled as you have been working, you will need to re-melt it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to spread inside the mold. Since you may have already used the milk chocolate to “glue” the stick to the cake inside the cakesicle, I recommend starting with the base/brown first. Drop melted chocolate on to the pressed cake, then spread it to all the edges of the cavity. Repeat with pink on the top half of each cavity.

Freeze for 5-10 minutes. Remove from freezer, then carefully remove each cakesicle or cakebar from its mold.

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

For cakesicles, first unsnap the mold to expose the popsicle sticks. Each cakesicle should “pop” out with some help by pressing the underside of the mold to push the molded piece out of its cavity.The bottom of the cakebars may need to be cleaned-up a bit. I used a knife to shave off the excess cast chocolate and smooth the base.

The cakesicles and cakebars can be “finished” at this point….

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

Or, you can add sprinkles and “icing” (melted candy coating). For decorating these little cupcakes, I used a mix of tiny heart sprinkles and red jumbo hearts.

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

To add “icing,” use a piping bag of melted white or brown candy coating/chocolate. Use a dot of melted chocolate to adhere a jumbo red heart to the top of the cupcake.

Then use the lines of the cupcake “swirls” as a guide for piping the melted chocolate “icing.” Before the chocolate cools, sprinkle with tiny heart sprinkles. Depending on the temperature of your workspace, may need to pipe one line at a time, add sprinkles, then continue to the next line. It was really cold outside (and inside) on the day that I made these, so the chocolate hardened quickly…and I had to adjust my piping/sprinkle flow!

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars Tutorial | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

When finished, you’ll have an adorable cupcake-shaped treat that’s almost too pretty to eat! Experiment with different color combinations, and try using other sprinkle shapes and styles. Package in a cellophane bag with a few matching sprinkles scattered inside, or take advantage of the opportunity to use a fancy “cookie box” for your “stickless” cakesicle! ;) 

Cupcake Cakesicles and Cakebars Tutorial | Sweet Whimsy Shop for

We hope you enjoyed learning how to make cupcake cakesicles and cakebars! If you give them a try please tag us on social media. Use @SweetWhimsyShop and @BakersPartyShop or #SweetWhimsyShop or #BakersPartyShop to share photos of your work, and to permit us to share your photos with our followers. Many thanks in advance and happy cakesicle and cakebar making!

For info on how to order cake pops and cakesicles from Sweet Whimsy Shop, click here. Available only in Savannah, GA area. While you are visiting Becca's site be sure to check out her blog where she shares her Valentine's Day cakesicles.

Cheers and happy creating!

Becca, Esther & Shauna

This post was written, styled and photographed by Becca Aronowitz of Sweet Whimsy Shop for Bakers Party Shop. Intro and photo editing by Esther of Bakers Party Shop. If you share a photo from our post a link must be displayed back to this post and credit given to Becca of Sweet Whimsy Shop and Bakers Party Shop. All photos in this post and content are copyright of Becca Aronowitz - Bakers Party Shop, All rights reserved 2018.

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Cupcake Cakesicles & Cakebars Tutorial | Sweet Whimsy Shop for


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