Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial


We are so excited to share with you a Christmas Tree Cakesicle tutorial by guest contributor Becca Aronowitz of Sweet Whimsy Shop. As one of our favorite cake pop makers, her sweet creations are edible works of art! Becca has been making the cutest cakesicles using our new cakesicle candy mold. We were beyond thrilled that she is sharing a step by step tutorial on how to make Christmas Tree Cakesicles with us, and you right here on our blog. We hope you enjoy it and try making some. Take it away Becca...

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

While I do not remember the first time I saw a cakesicle, I am certain it was love at first sight. A cake pop, in the shape of a popsicle, and with a super shiny finish? Yes, please!! I’ve been making cake pops for almost 7 years, and aside actually learning how to make cake pops (thanks to the help of Angie “Bakerella” Dudley’s book Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More than 40 Irresistable Mini Treats), my introduction to the cakesicles has been among my most exciting baking discoveries.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

The ingredients for cakesicles are essentially the same as those required for cake pops. If you’re unclear on how to make the “cake balls” or “cake dough” used for making cake pops, practice that skill first. Bakerella’s book is a great place to start!

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

There are many ways to create cakesicles. Some bakers choose to not use a mold, others use the mold to shape the cake ball (and then dip that shaped piece in melted chocolate), and others (like me) use a casting technique. Simply put: “casting” is just a fancy term for pouring a liquid (like melted chocolate) into a mold and allowing it to harden. Using the casting technique creates a beautiful smooth, shiny finish – different from what can be achieved through other shaping and dipping techniques.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

Casting is also a fairly user-friendly method. Most of us can pour liquid into a container (coffee from the pot into a mug, milk into a cereal bowl, etc), the concept should be familiar. There will be a bit of a learning curve for pouring chocolate into a silicone mold – as is the case with any developing ability – but the skill should come quickly with practice. Remember to practice, practice, practice. I’m sure you can find people willing to eat your mistakes!

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

Ingredients and Supplies to Make Christmas Tree Cakesicles:

Cake balls, in your choice of flavor(s)

Green colored chocolate candy coating (such as Wilton’s Green Candy Melts)

Mini wooden popsicle sticks

Piping bags for melted chocolate

Small gold star candies

Bright rainbow nonpareil sprinkles

Cake pop popsicle mold

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

To begin, set up your ingredients, including the cake balls you’ll be using to fill your cakesicles.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

Melt the green candy melts in a separate container. Then, use a spoon to coat each cavity with a think layer of the melting candy coating.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

Use one of the popsicle sticks to clear candy coating from each hole where the cakesicle’s popsicle stick will eventually be inserted.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

Remove from freezer. Press one cake ball in to each cavity of the mold, then insert a popsicle stick through the cleared hole of the mold, and into the cake ball/dough.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

Cover the exposed cake using melted candy coating. Then freeze for 5-10 minutes. Remove from freezer, then carefully remove each cakesicle from its mold.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

Working with one cakesicle at a time, pipe 3 scalloped lines, then decorate with stars and nonpareils. Be sure to work quickly, to prevent chocolate piping from cooling/hardening before the stars and nonpareils can fully adhere. Continue until all cakesicles are decorated….

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

And voilà! You’ve got an adorable set of festive Christmas tree cakesicles. Display on a plate of matching nonpareils, or package in a clear box or cellophane bag tied with ribbon or bakers twine for a brilliant presentation.

Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Tree Cakesicle tutorial by Becca of Sweet Whimsy Shop. With step by step photos and how to's you still have time to replicate these for your holiday gift giving! Friends, family or neighbors would enjoy receiving these! Check our her Instagram feed to see all of her cake pop and cakesicle creations, @sweetwhimsyshop and pop by ours for more holiday baking ideas at @bakerspartyshop.

Cheers and happy holidays!

 Becca, Esther & Shauna

This post was written, styled and photographed by Becca Aronowitz of Sweet Whimsy Shop for Bakers Party Shop. Intro, closing and photo editing by Esther of Bakers Party Shop. If you share a photo from our post a link must be displayed back to this post and credit given to Becca of Sweet Whimsy Shop and Bakers Party Shop. All photos in this post and content are copyright of Becca Aronowitz - Bakers Party Shop, All rights reserved 2018.

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Christmas Tree Cakesicle Tutorial |



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    Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

  • Lisa

    I’d love to see your suggestions from the last comment. I’m getting the chocolate smooth and shiny. Please and thank you. :)

  • Donna

    Candy melts should reach a temperature of 100 to 120 degrees do this on 15 second burst at 100 % stir in between then leave to cool for 3 minutes.

  • Amanda

    Hi! These look great!! I’ve made cakesicles only a couple of times so far, but my coating tends to come out pretty matte. I use the Wilton’s candy melts and am still trying to nail down how long to heat them up! How do you get your coating the perfect consistency AND shiny? Do you put shortening in with the melts?

    Thank you!!

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