Loaded Caramel Chocolate Pretzels

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Salty pretzels wrapped in caramel and dipped in chocolate, now doesn't that sounds divine! We present you with Loaded Caramel Chocolate Pretzels! To make them even better than traditional chocolate dipped pretzels we added some fun toppings like our mini crisp rice and tiny marshmallows and oh yeah, we added sprinkles of course! Toppings on the inside and outside make for a delicious treat!

loaded caramel chocolate pretzels

Even if you don't like pretzels I bet you would like these! The pretzel rods are wrapped in Peter's caramel. It has a great taste and can be found in blocks, not little squares you have to unwrap. If you are on Instagram and follow any sweet makers I bet you have seen some caramel chocolate dipped pretzels in your feed. They are a fun, simple and fast treat to make. You can use colored chocolates and sprinkles to match to your event. For our loaded caramel chocolate pretzels we wanted something fun for fall, toppings on the inside and sprinkles on the outside! When you bite into them you will get a surprise with the hidden crisp rice pieces and tiny marshmallows.

loaded caramel chocolate pretzels

The first step is to slice the small block of caramel into strips. Then it is rolling time! The heat from your hands is enough to slightly warm and stretch out the caramel. Roll each strip between your hands until you get the caramel a little bit longer than the pretzel rod you are using. This gives you enough to wrap around the pretzel about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way up depending on how thick you leave the caramel. The block of caramel we started with was about 3" x 4" and was cut into 1/2" or so pieces before rolling out. 

loaded caramel chocolate pretzels

Once your caramel is wrapped around the pretzel it is time to think about what toppings to add before you dip your pretzels in chocolate. A couple where left plain, you know just in case someone doesn't want a loaded one! Carefully press the tiny crisp rice into the caramel and do the same for the tiny marshmallows and mini butterscotch chips. We went point side down into the caramel for the chips thinking it would be easier to cover in the melted chocolate and it kind of made them look like polka dots.

loaded caramel chocolate pretzels with sprinkles

Once you have all of your pretzels topped, it is chocolate dipping time! Dark chocolate was used for our project. If you fancy milk or white you could use those or do a combination of chocolates. We heated the chocolate up in a chocolate melting machine. This works the best when you are needing to melt a lot of chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted carefully spoon the chocolate over the pretzel rods. Carefully shake off any excess chocolate back into the bowl. Add your selection of sprinkles before the chocolate starts to set up. A mix of jimmies and nonpareils in orange and white were perfect for our fall pretzels.

loaded caramel chocolate pretzels

When your pretzels are done getting sprinkled and have dried it is time to package them up! Our new pretzel bags came in handy for this project! We have a skinny and wide version available in our shop. The skinny pretzel bag worked perfect for the plain caramel chocolate pretzels and the ones that had the tiny crisp rice pieces. The pretzels with tiny marshmallows and chips fit better in our wide pretzel bag. Close the bag up with a fun twist tie, tuck in a goodie bag, add a gift tag with some twine and there you have it, a fun treat to give or use as a party favor!

Loaded Caramel Pretzel Supplies:

pretzel rods
Peter's caramel
tiny crisp rice pieces
tiny marshmallows
mini butterscotch chips
Merken's dark chocolate

Packaging supplies:

skinny pretzel bags
wide pretzel bags
paper goodie bags
gift tags
bakers twine

Follow the steps in our post to make your loaded caramel chocolate pretzels! You'll be happy you did!

~the girls
Esther & Shauna

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  • Joellen Fry

    I have two ridiculous questions: (1) How far in advance can the pretzel rods be made? I can’t start on them until I received my tiny marshmallow and tiny crisp rice. The will be given away Christmas week. (2) How far in advance can I make molded chocolate candies? To be given away at the same time. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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