PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™

This week we're sharing a variety of Valentine treats using Stickies™ the new edible stickers that you can use to decorate all kinds of sweet treats by Goodie Goodie Co.! The PS I Love You themed Stickies™ set is perfect for decorating Valentine's day cakesicles, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more. We asked some of our design team members to try out the new edible stickers with our coordinating PS I Love You nonpareils mix and Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix. Besides using those items, the designs and the sweets they made was up to them. We hope you enjoy seeing what learning more about Stickies™ and get some ideas to make some Valentine treats. Take it away sweet ladies...

PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |

PS I Love You Cakesicles by Brittanie of Brittanie Bakes

For my Valentine treats project I chose to make cakesicles. I went with the large cakesicle mold size to give me more room for the Stickies™, and I jumped at the opportunity to use the new clear popsicle sticks! The PS I Love You Stickies were the perfect decoration for my cakesicles. I peeled them off the sheet carefully, found just the right spots for each, then gently rubbed them onto the chocolate until they stuck! I drizzled on some light pink chocolate and added matching PS I Love You nonpareils mix that completed the look. There you have a fun and colorful Valentine treat that is decorated fast and easy!

PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |

When my kid bit into them the Stickies edible stickers easily dissolved, and he said they tasted just like marshmallows (which I can confirm because I ate one too!). These are definitely going to be a family favorite to use, and I can't wait to see what other designs they come out with! They really made decorating sweets easy!

PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |

PS I Love You Chocolate Fault Line Cake by Lexi of My Batter Fingers

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine's day. I love celebrating love but I know how hard this holiday can be for some people. When I was single I HATED everything about February. These edible Stickies™ are just the thing to cheer up your Valentine...or even better your galentine! They're so versatile and can be used for any person you celebrate with, or just yourself if that's your thing. I chose to use these on a cake I brought to a family dinner. I knew my cousin's daughters would love the Stickies (especially the unicorn) and the sprinkles that were made to match this Valentine set of stickies. I used the PS I Love You Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix by picking out the gems, tiny hearts, and colored pearls and placing them one by one around the outside of my fault line cake. The PS I Love You nonpareil mix was perfect for sprinkling the top of my rope border and filling the inner top of my cake around the unicorn Stickie. I just love how all the colors coordinated so well!!

PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |

The Stickies were fun to use. I chose to put them on my vegan and gluten free chocolate cake, knowing that the stickies were also vegan and gluten free which was perfect. They're a bit fragile but after some trial and error I got the hang of using them. I recommend peeling off the excess away from the edible stickers before gently picking up one corner and peeling it slowly off the backing, being cautious to support it as you peel. I also found that once placed and settled, my chocolate frosting color showed through a little. If you want them to have a more clear white background I recommend using them on a pale or white frosting.

PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |

PS I Love You Sugar Cookies by Amanda of Eleven Fifteen Bake Co.

These Goodie Goodie Stickies™ we’re so much fun to use! I really loved the retro vibe so the graphics alone served as inspiration for my Valentine cookies! I paired the cut-out graphic cookies with circular cookies that I adorned with the edible stickers and a special blend of PS I Love You Sprinklefetti sprinkles mix that coordinate oh so well! I absolutely loved the ease of use of these Stickies! They take the guess work out of decorating. If you struggle with hand decorating, like I do sometimes, or if you want the tiny hands in your home to have fun decorating too, these are a fun way to jazz up any sweet treat, especially for Valentine's Day!
PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |
My experience using the Stickies was really good! The designs were simple and refreshing! I didn’t struggle with application at all! No Stickies we’re lost in application! My only complaint...and it’s a really minor one, is that I mixed my cookie icing before I opened the package and looked at the actual stickies. I based all my colors off the packaging, so I was a little surprised that the color wasn’t accurately depicted. I understand that it’s hard to replicate these things in production, I just wish I had the forethought to look before I mixed. That’s all, it doesn't make me love them any less!
PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |


PS I Love You Cake with Cookie Toppers by Johneris of Rose's Mama Bakes

I was super excited about this Valentine treats project. It's my first time using edible stickers, and they were so easy to use plus the designs are super cute. I choose to make a Valentine cake because, first of all who doesn't love cakes? From all the desserts out there cakes are my favorite to decorate and thought the Ps I Love You Stickies would be fun to incorporate into my design. I chose to frost my cake with some stripes just on the bottom and the top, leaving the cake tummy (middle space) to apply the edible stickers. I made sure the cake was chilled before applying them. Then I created a sprinkle drip using the beautiful matching PS I Love You sprinklefetti sprinkle mix. I topped the cake with some heart shape cookies that I make using a heart cookie cutters set, and decorated them with the sprinklefetti mix + the matching nonpareil mix because you can't never get enough sprinkles! I did two versions of my cookie toppers because I just couldn't decide so you can see one with just the cookies and one where I added some Stickies to a cookie for an extra pop of fun! What a decadent Valentine treat this cake makes!

PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |

We hope you got inspired to make your own PS I Love You Valentine treats using the new Stickies™ and our exclusive coordinating sprinkles. Our design team ladies shared so many sweet ideas on different ways you can use them to decorate all kinds of sweet treats! They Stickies edible stickers make decorating easy and fun!

Happy sweet treat making!

Bakers Party Shop and the Sweet Design Team Members

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PS I Love You Valentine Treats Using Stickies™ Edible Stickers |

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