No Bake Mini Christmas Pudding Candies Using Oreo® Thins

We're sharing a twist on a holiday chocolate covered Oreos®. Our no bake mini Christmas pudding candies are bound to become a new favorite! These fun Christmas sweets look like mini bundt cakes and are filled with marshmallow fluff and an Oreo® Thin cookie! You decorate them to look like little bundt cakes or "Christmas Puddings" as they are also known as. Becca of Sweet Whimsy Shop is back teaching you all of her tips and tricks to make these perfectly festive no bake Christmas treats! Take it away Becca...

Although I don’t have personal experience or any kind of nostalgia associated with the traditional British Christmas dessert known as “Christmas Pudding” (or plum pudding, or figgy pudding), I’m very familiar with the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and the phrase “bring us the figgy pudding.” I’ve also seen lots of photos and illustrations of the festive treat, topped with icing and garnished with holly and berries. To me, the dessert looks so Christmasy, and based on the ingredients, I imagine it tastes like “Victorian Christmas,” because of all the spices and dried fruits involved. These no-bake minis won’t taste anything like a traditional figgy pudding, but they are cute, little, and super easy to make…which in my opinion makes them a worthy alternative to the real thing. To read more about the history of Christmas pudding, check out this article from click here.

Ingredients + Supplies needed to make No Bake Mini Christmas Puddings:

Mini bundt cake silicone mold
Milk chocolate or candy coating, such as Wilton’s candy melts in Light Cocoa
White candy melts, such as Wilton’s Bright White
Wax paper or a silicone baking mat
Marshmallow Fluff
Oreo® Thins cookies (make sure they are the thin, not the original version)
Silicone holly mold
Holiday Cheer Sprinklefetti or Nonpareil Mix, or Snowflake candy sprinkles  
Piping bags with large round piping tip
Red and Green candy melts, such as Wilton’s Red and Bright Green

TIP: To prepare for this project, first clear a space big enough in your fridge or freezer to accommodate the silicone mold. I’ve found if I set the mold on a baking sheet or small cutting board, that will help transport the mold from the work station to the freezer and back. If you take a moment before you start working to confirm that there is a space for the mold to go, you won’t be scrambling mid-project to pull out (and re-home) bags of frozen peas and boxes of popsicles.

After you’ve arranged a “cooling space” for the mold, set up your work station with the Mini Bundt cake silicone mold, and wax paper or silicone baking mat underneath it. Fill a microwave-safe container with the cocoa candy melts, and microwave at 50% power for 30 second intervals, stirring between each until the chips are fully-melted. Then use a spoon to fill each cavity with the melted chocolate. Once all the cavities are filled, quickly flip the mold, over the wax paper or silicone mat, to allow the excess chocolate to drain onto the paper/mat. After a few seconds, return the mold to its original position (so you can see the insides of chocolate-coated cavities). Working quickly (before the chocolate cools/hardens), use a knife or a cake spatula to clean up the chocolate around the edges of each mold.

Freeze for 5-10 minutes, or refrigerate for 10-15 minutes to allow the chocolate to fully-set.

While the chocolate is cooling, fill a piping bag with Marshmallow Fluff, and set 12 Oreo Thins at your work station.

Once the chocolate in the molds has fully-set, use the piping bag to pipe a ring (that will instantly become a “glob”) of fluff into the base of each cavity. Then top with an Oreo Thin. Be sure to avoid over-filling the cavity with Fluff. Make sure there is enough space remaining to accommodate both the Oreo Thin as well as another layer of chocolate, to seal everything in.

Fill every cup with Marshmallow Fluff and an Oreo® Thin, then use a spoon to fill (and seal) each cavity with melted chocolate. You may need to reheat the chocolate, depending on how warm or cold your workspace is. When all the cups are filled/sealed, return mold to the freezer (5-10 minutes) or fridge (10-15 minutes).

Once fully set remove each mini Bundt cake piece from its mold. Check for any cracks, where the marshmallow fluff may start to escape, then use more melted chocolate to repair the holes.

Now it is time to prepare the holly & berry toppers for your Mini Christmas Pudding candies. Use a piping bag filled with melted red candy melts to fill each berry-shaped cavity of the silicone holly mold. Then use a piping bag filled with green candy melts to fill the leaf-shaped cavities. Place the mold in the freezer or fridge to cool/set the candy piece. After the chocolate as fully-set, carefully remove each holly piece from its cavity.

You can achieve the same look using red and green fondant, if you are more comfortable with that medium. I don’t do much with fondant, so I didn’t even attempt that method.

To decorate each Christmas pudding mini, you’ll need white chocolate (melted, then poured into a piping bag), a variety of sprinkles, and the holly & berry chocolate (or fondant) pieces you made earlier.

Working with one mini pudding/cake at a time, use the piping bag to pipe a “drizzled icing” design on the top, along the peaks of the ring. Working quickly (before the white chocolate cools/hardens), add a holly & berry chocolate/fondant piece. You can stop there, or you can amp up the festive by adding sprinkles. Bakers Party Shop has an adorable Christmas Pudding cardstock sticker that I used as the inspiration for the sprinkle-topped minis. The snowflake sprinkles coordinate with the snowflakes in the Doodlebug sticker set, as well as the scrapbook paper set (which is great for DIY-ing coordinating gift tags and boxes).

To package these for gifting, they fit perfectly inside both the square- and dome-shaped boxes, which come in a few colors of bases. I chose the metallic gold, because it seemed the “most Christmasy” to me, but I think the pink would be adorable for a pastel holiday theme, or even a “Pink Christmas” theme (one of my favorites!)

We hope you enjoyed learning how to make our no bake Christmas pudding candies and give them a try yourself! They can be decorated in all kinds of ways for different holidays or even as wedding favors, especially when boxed up.

If you make these mini chocolate covered Christmas Pudding candies, please tag us on social media. Use @SweetWhimsyShop and @BakersPartyShop or #SweetWhimsyShop or #BakersPartyShop to share photos of your work, and to permit us to share your photos with our followers. Many thanks in advance!

Happy creating!
Becca for Bakers Party Shop

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