Mini Rice Krispies® Ice Cream Cones

Our mini Rice Krispies® ice cream cones make a perfect sweet treat to enjoy or gift! We're sharing two fun ways you can make them. With a few ingredients, supplies and some time you'll be able to tuck them in a lunch box, give out as party favors or use them to decorate the top of a cake or brownie sundae! Next week we'll be sharing a brownie sundae featuring one plus sharing a recipe-project round up using our new party pastel rainbow ice cream cups in polka dots and stripes that we launched this summer!

 Mini Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones |

Supplies List for Mini Rice Krispies® Ice Cream Cones:

Kellogg's® Rice Krispies Treats® Original bars
Joy Mini Ice Cream Cones
Candyquik® or almond bark in chocolate and white chocolate
party pastel rainbow nonpareil sprinkles
brown edible art paint
black edible art paint
pastel green edible art paint
baby pink edible art paint
mauve edible art paint
mini squeeze bottle
paint brushes
paint holder
mini and small ice cream-cookie scoops

Mini Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones |

Come on, don't we all love Rice Krispies Treats®?! They're a classic sweet treat and the store bought individual treats come in handy for helping you put together our mini rice krispie ice cream cones quickly. By all means if you prefer to make them and add in some fun mix-ins you could do that too! We used a mini and small size ice cream-cookie scoop to form the "ice cream scoops".

Mini Rice Krispies Ice Cream Cones |

How to make Chocolate Drip Mini Rice Krispies® Ice Cream Cones:

1. Unwrap the individual Rice Krispies Treats® and break into 2 pieces. We used the small ice cream scoop for these cones and the mini ice cream scoop for the painted cone version. Press one of the broken treat pieces into the small scoop leaving a little bit of a lip around the edge of the scoop. This makes it look like a scoop of ice cream. Repeat for as many cones as you want to make.

2. Melt some chocolate Candiquik® and place it in a mini or small squeeze bottle depending on how many you are decorating. Drizzle some chocolate on the top of the cone and allow some drips to go down the side of the "scoop". Sprinkle with some pretty nonpareil sprinkles before the chocolate hardens. Allow to set up.

Mini Rice Krispies Ice Cream Cones |

3. Take a mini ice cream cone and add a surprise to the cone before putting on the "scoop". You can stuff it with more of the Rice Krispies treat, brownies, edible cookie dough, peanut butter, Nutella or create a mini ice cream cone pinata by adding small candies to the cone! How fun would that be for a party favor or lunch box surprise?!

4. To add your "scoop" to the cone use a little of the melted Candyquik® and apply some to the top edge of the ice cream cone and to whatever you stuffed in it (unless it is candy and sprinkles) then place the scoop on top. Allow the chocolate to harden and then you have mini Rice Krispies® ice cream cones with chocolate drip! Filling the cone with something will help give them some balance so they won't tip over if you are putting them on display.

Mini Rice Krispies Ice Cream Cones |

How to Make Painted Mini Rice Krispies® Ice Cream Cones:

1.Use the mini scoops for this project as you will be covering each scoop with a layer of chocolate and then painting them. Follow the basic steps above for forming the scoops. If you are making a double or triple scoop cone using your thumb press up into the bottom side of the scoop making it a little concave. This helps the scoops stack easier and only needs to be done on the scoops that are going to be stacked on another.

2. After you have all the scoops made, melt some white Candiquik® or almond bark and spoon or brush it on each one making sure to cover the outside and under the lip of the scoop completely.

TIP: Push a lollipop stick into the bottom of the scoop so you can cover the underside of the scoop lip with chocolate then place them into a cake pop stand or piece of styrofoam board to dry.

3. Once all of your scoops are covered in chocolate and have completely set it's painting time! We carry a large selection of Edible Art Paint, if you need a color for a flavor you don't see you can mix it. Mauve was perfect for the "black raspberry" single scoop. Pastel green and black were used for the mint chocolate chip double scoop. And for the triple scoop we left one scoop plain for vanilla, used baby pink for strawberry and brown for chocolate to create a Neopolitan ice cream cone!

Painting Tips: Use a large paint brush to paint the scoop. Edible Art Paints dry really fast so you have to work quickly to get even coverage. Don't go over the same surface that has been painted until the first coat has dried and if possible you don't want to go over it a second time when applying it to chocolate. Use a small thin paint brush to paint on the black "chips" for the mint chocolate chip cones. Once they are fully dry you can adhere them to the mini ice cream cones as described in the steps above.

Mini Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones |

These mini Rice Krispies® ice cream cones are so fun to make! We hope you enjoyed the two styles we shared. They'd be a perfect addition to a party, shower or wedding dessert table too! If you make them be sure to tag us #BPSsweetie so we can see and share your sweet creations!

Until next time sweet friends!

Esther & Shauna

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Note: This is not a sponsored post. We shared the brands we used so you know what products produced the results shown in our post. Rice Krispies® is a registered trademark of Kellogg's.

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