Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers

We're sharing how to make easy strawberry dessert skewers that are perfect for 4th of July celebrations...or anytime really! They're refreshing for summer gatherings and SO easy to make! With a few store bought ingredients you can whip these up in no time and get back to enjoying the perfect summer weather and relaxing with your family or guests!

Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers | www.bakerspartyshop.com

We've gone with a patriotic theme for this post in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July celebration. You can adjust the colors of sprinkles you use to match your party theme!

Ingredients and supplies needed for Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers:

Patriotic Painted Rock Candy Sticks
Sprinklefetti™ Patriotic Sprinkle Mix
Round Cookie Cutter Set
Master Tipless Piping Bags

Pound Cake
Chocolate Candy Melts or Bark

Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers | www.bakerspartyshop.com

To keep things quick and easy we purchased store bought vanilla pound cake and brownie rounds. Slice the pound cake so they are about the same thickness as the brownies. Using a 1.5" round cookie cutter, cut out rounds of pound cake from each slice. Use the cookie cutter to trim the brownie too making them the same size as the pound cake rounds. If you can resist eating the scraps save them for another project. We will be sharing what you can do with them next week.

Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers | www.bakerspartyshop.com

We left the top of the strawberry and green leaves on for color and so the strawberries wouldn't start to drip their juices all over the dessert platter. Using a toothpick poke a hole in the top of your strawberries in the center of where the leaves attach to the berry. Take a rock candy stick and press it through the hole you just made on the top of the strawberry. Push the stick all the way through the tip of the berry. Take your pound cake and brownie rounds and thread them on next. If you are using medium size berries we found that the rock candy sticks held a strawberry at each end with 3 rounds of cake or brownies in the middle. We varied them so it created a checker board look on the platter.

Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Next melt some chocolate candy coating or almond bark per instructions. We used white almond Candiquik as it melts nicely and is thin making it perfect for drizzling on our easy strawberry dessert skewers! You want the chocolate warm but not too hot. Once your chocolate is melted place it in a master tipless piping bag. These bags are great since they make clean up a breeze! Cut the tip point of the bag off when you are ready to start drizzling your skewers. In a back and forth motion add stripes of chocolate going across the berries, pound cake and brownies.

Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers | www.bakerspartyshop.com

The chocolate can set up fast so to make sure you get your sprinkles on the chocolate quickly. We drizzled and sprinkled one skewer at a time to make sure the sprinkles would stick. The sprinkles completed the look and made them perfect for 4th of July celebrations!

Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Helpful Tips:

Here are a couple tips that might be helpful when you make your easy strawberry dessert skewers!

1. If you find that your chocolate is starting to set in the piping bag before you are finished drizzling your skewers you can fill a mug with hot (not boiling) water and place the chocolate filled bag in another tipless bag that has no hole cut in the tip and place it in the mug of hot-warm water to remelt the chocolate. Do not put the bag with the hope snipped in in the water without a second bag as water will seize the chocolate.

2. To help keep the last strawberry in place on the skewer add a little melted chocolate to the top larger end of the berry before you tread the stick through. Once the chocolate sets it will help the final berry from falling off the skewer.

Easy Strawberry Dessert Skewers | www.bakerspartyshop.com

The easy strawberry dessert skewers are great on their own however if you are having a crowd and want to make a platter of different kinds of sweets try making some chocolate covered Oreos to go with them! If someone doesn't like berries (what??!!) you have another option to offer. We made mini chocolate covered Oreo's and found they were the perfect scale to plate with the skewers and matched them to the patriotic color theme too. Give them a try! They are fast, easy and fun for summer!

We've declared June the month of #BPSredwhiteandcool! We'll be sharing red, white and/or blue ideas so you can plan ahead for the upcoming fourth of July holiday as well as "cool" summer sweets and tips! If you would like to join in on our fun follow along on Instagram @bakerspartyshop. Tag your pictures "#BPSredwhiteandcool @bakerspartyshop" so we can see and share our favorites! It also enters you into a sweet giveaway! We will pick a winner from all that enter during the last week in June.

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Until next time sweet friends!

Esther & Shauna

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