Decorated Sugar Cookies Tutorial by Sprinkle Robot: Party Robots

We're excited to share a fun Decorated Sugar Cookie Tutorial by Sprinkle Robot! Melissa makes the cutest royal icing "sprinkles" that you can use to decorate sugar cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more. In this post she'll share some tips on how to create some fun party robot sugar cookies featuring her party hats and present sprinkles along with our party time Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix. You'll find a link below to a limited edition kit with the party hat and present royal icing sprinkles + some of our Party Time Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix!

Decorated Sugar Cookies Tutorial by Sprinkle Robot for Bakers Party Shop |

Materials used:

- micro tweezers
- edible pens (black and pink)
- Sprinkle Robot's party hats and present sprinks
- royal icing (flood and medium stiff consistency)
- naked/blank cookies
Decorated Sugar Cookie Tutorial by Sprinkle Robot for Bakers Party Shop |
Tips on Decorating Sugar Cookies: Robot Cookies

1. After you fill a disposable piping bag with flood icing you'll be decorating one section of the robot cookies at a time to help give them more dimension and to make it easier to decorate with sprinkles and sprinks. Start with piping the center body of the robot then carefully add a present shaped Sprinkle Robot sprink. Add additional details using pieces from the Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix. Using tweezers with this step helps give you more control and lets you produce a more detailed design. Do this step on all of your robot shaped cookies then allow to set and dry.

2. After you've allowed the cookies to dry for a bit from step one you will continue to flood other areas of the robot (face, arms and legs) leaving them plain or by adding additional sprinkles. Set aside to dry. Leave some naked/blank parts around the head and hands so you can add the final details of a present and party hat sprink for the head. 

3. Add a bead of medium consistency icing around the neck and base of the robot body. With a tweezer pick out sugar pearls and stars from the Party Time Sprinklefetti sprinkle mix to place on icing. Then add a dot of medium consistency icing and sugar pearls on the robot's ears. Set aside to dry let completely.

Decorated Sugar Cookies Tutorial by Sprinkle Robot for Bakers Party Shop |
Final Details:

Finish icing and sprinkling any naked areas of the cookie and use the previous techniques with your flood consistency royal icing. Add a pea-sized dot to the naked/blank spots (head and hands) and add the finishing touch of a present or party hat. Set aside to dry. Once your decorated cookie is completely dry you can draw on the face with edible pens to complete your party robot sugar cookies!

.Decorated Sugar Cookies Tutorial by Sprinkle Robot for Bakers Party Shop |

We hope you enjoyed learning how to decorate party robot sugar cookies with Melissa of Sprinkle Robot. The robot cookie cutter has been discontinued by the manufacturer so if you like that cutter don't wait too long to grab one. If you make them yourself we'd love to see. Tag us on social at @sprinklerobot @bakerspartyshop #BPSsweetie so we can see and share your sweet creations! Check out Melissa's shop to see all of the fun icing sprinkles she offers and follow her on IG so you don't miss her seasonal offerings and restocks!

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This post was styled and photographed by Melissa of Sprinkle Robot for Bakers Party Shop. If you share a photo from our post a link must be displayed back to this post with credit given. All photos in this post and content are copyright of Bakers Party Shop + Sprinkle Robot, All rights reserved.

PS: You can use the techniques shared in our post to create a variety of pretty cookies like the flower cookies shown below. 

Decorated Sugar Cookies Tutorial by Sprinkle Robot for Bakers Party Shop |

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