Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display

Welcome to our cookie Haunted House Halloween Party display. It's a fun project to do and you can even get kids involved to create a one of a kind Halloween party centerpiece. With a pre-made cookie kit you can skip right ahead to the fun part, decorating! We'll share with you a few of our decorating tricks so you can create a fun haunted house to show off!

Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |

Every party display needs some kind of centerpiece right?! Our cookie Haunted Halloween House sure does make a fun one! You can decorate it in a variety of ways and themes from spooky to more colorful like we chose. We've enjoyed seeing so many non traditional color schemes for Halloween this year!

Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |

Grab a pre-made cookie kit at the store, edible art paints, sprinkles and some cookie icing or chocolate so you can get creative assembling and decorating your own cookie haunted house.

Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |

One of the big ways we added a bunch of color to our cookie haunted house was to use Edible Art Paint to paint our house and roof. We carry it in a variety of colors and our Day of the Dead Jimmie Sprinkle Mix was the color inspiration we selected for the paints. We had almost all of the colors except for a teal color which we made by mixing some blue with bright melon green and a drop of white. The nice thing with the paints is you can mix them to create just the color you need!

Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |

Tips for Decorating Your Halloween Cookie Haunted House with Edible Art Paint:

- Paint the cookie pieces before you assemble it. This helps you not accidentally get some paint on areas you don't want. Touch ups may be needed after assembly but I found them pretty minimal. Darker paints covered the surface in one or 2 coats. Light colors like the lime used took about 3-4 coats. How many coats depends on the color you use and the color of the cookie.

- The most important tip with using edible art paint is to shake, shake, shake the bottle of paint before and during use. That keeps the pigment mixed and gives it the best coverage.

- Icing came in the cookie haunted house kit that was used along with candy melts to assemble the house. I used the candy melts for extra support to go over the seams on the inside of the house while assembling it. The cookie icing was used on the outside of the house to to go along corner of the house filling in any gaps that was created when lining them up. After the icing was set I was able to hide them by painting them with Black Edible Art Paint.

Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |

Tips for Decorating Your Halloween Cookie Haunted House with Sprinkles:

Sprinkles make everything better! Don't you agree? They are such a great way to add a pop of sparkle and detail. Below are a few ways we use them to enhance our haunted Halloween house.

- One unique way we added some sprinkles to the house display was on the last coat of paint on the ghost, windows and the base of the house (before it dries) we sprinkled on sanding sugar. We used white on one edge of the ghost and windows and lime green to create the look of grass. This gives it a little sparkle and adds texture to the display.

- To complete the look of the painted cobblestone walkway large black sugar pearls were used to create a dimensional border. Mini sugar pearls where used to go around the door and window.

- At this point things were starting to come together and the house was starting to feel almost complete. To finish it off we used a large candy eyeball and bone on the front of the house, bat sprinkles on the window and jumbo rainbow sequin sprinkles to like the edge of the roof.

Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |

Tips for Creating a Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display:

- After your cookie house is assembled and decorated try to incorporate some of the colors and sprinkles you used on the house onto some of the treats you'll be placing on your party display. This helps tie things together and create a cohesive display.

- Use paper fans as a backdrop to create interest and provide a pop of color.

- We had a little bit of an "eye" theme going on. Besides them being used as decoration on the house we also added them on the rice crispy treats and on the place mat the house rests on. Using a design element, such as the eye, in multiple places also brings the Halloween party display together.

Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |

We hope you enjoyed our cookie Haunted House Halloween Party display! Whether you go big or small with your display creating a one of a kind cookie haunted house to use as a centerpiece will create fun memories if you do the project with your kids and add a special element as the focal point of your party table. With some edible art paint and some sprinkles you can create something just as colorful!

Cheers and happy Halloween!
Esther & Shauna

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Cookie Haunted House Halloween Party Display |



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