Chocolate Decorating Tips with Edible Art Paints: Ice Cream Series

Today we're sharing some chocolate decorating tips with edible art paints! In this post you'll learn how to make chocolate look like ice cream! Using chocolate molds in ice cream shapes you'll be able to paint them to look just like the "cool creamy" stuff with a few simple steps and products!

Chocolate Decorating Tips with Edible Art Paint: Ice Cream Series

We've been celebrating the launch of our new party pastel rainbow ice cream cups in polka dots and stripes all month and have ice cream on the brain. We thought it would be fun to create chocolates that look like ice cream!! Bonus, if you mess up it is easy to wipe away the paint (once dried) with a paper towel and start over...or change the mind on the "flavor" you are painting!

Ice Cream Chocolate Decorating with Edible Art Paint - Supply List

ice cream cone chocolate mold
party food lollipop mold
hard candy ice cream cone mold
soft serve ice cream cone mold

plum purple edible art paint
mauve edible art paint
pastel green edible art paint
black edible art paint
orange edible art paint
pastel pink edible art paint
white edible art paint
peach edible art paint

oyster shell luster dust
kings gold luster dust
super pearl luster dust
TruColor copper shine food paint powder

4.5" white paper lollipop sticks
small paint holder
paint brush set of 6
fine tip paint brush set
rainbow jimmie sprinkles

white chocolate Candiquik

Chocolate Decorating Tips with Edible Art Paint: Ice Cream Series

The supply list above was used to create all the samples shown. What supplies you'll need will depend on how many kinds of "ice cream" chocolate flavors you are making. These really took no time at all! Use the pops for party favors, cake toppers or just to enjoy!

Chocolate Decorating Tips with Edible Art Paint: Ice Cream Series

Chocolate Decorating Tips: How to make Blackberry Ice Cream Cones

Use the hard ice cream cone chocolate mold. Melt some white chocolate Candiquik per package instructions. In a small microwave safe bowl add a few tablespoons of melted chocolate, then add a couple drops of plum purple edible art paint and mauve edible art paint. Mix until almost combined. Do not mix the color all the way into the chocolate to create the look like "churned" ice cream. If the chocolate is too cool when you add the art paint you may find it stiffen up. Microwave for 5 seconds or so and it will remelt just fine! Add the purple chocolate to the "scoop" part of the mold. Working quickly add the white chocolate to the "cone" part of the mold. Lightly tap the mold on the counter to help the chocolate settle and get rid of any air bubbles.

Allow the chocolate to set up completely before removing from the candy mold. To speed up the process, put the molds on a cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or until the chocolate sets up fully. Once you release the chocolates from the mold set them on a paper towel. You'll learn how to paint the "cones" later in the post.

Chocolate Decorating Tips with Edible Art Paint: Ice Cream Series

Chocolate Decorating Tips: How to Paint Chocolate to Look Like Ice Cream

For the samples shown above you do not color the chocolate at all, you paint the color on them! This is perfect if you want to make a variety of "flavors". Use our hard ice cream cone lollipop mold with our 4.5" white paper lollipop sticks. Once you have some of the lollipops ready it is time to decorate your chocolate with the edible art paints and luster dusts to create the "flavors".

TIP: To get the paint to stick well to the chocolate use a soft paper towel to gently wipe the sheen off the surface of the chocolate. Often when you remove chocolates from a candy mold they have a shiny appearance, that can actually make the paint not stick well, removing it creates a matte surface for the paint to adhere to.

To make the "mint chocolate chip" ice cream lollipop use: Pastel green edible art paint with medium sized flat paint brush to paint the scoop, working quickly. Allow the paint to dry fully, then add the "chips" using a small paint brush with the black edible art paint.

To make the golden strawberry lollipop use: Pastel pink edible art paint. Create a water color style look by applying the paint quickly and unevenly, leaving a couple areas almost bare. Once dried brush on some edible kings gold luster dust to create some highlights....and lets face it pink and gold look great together even on ice cream!

To make soft serve ice cream cone lollipop: Use our soft serve ice cream lollipop mold, apply super pearl white luster dust to the swirl of "ice cream".

Chocolate Decorating Tips with Edible Art Paint: Ice Cream Series

To make the chocolate lollipops above: Use the party food lollipop mold to make the small soft serve ice cream cones and creamsicle. Decorate the swirl of "ice cream" with super pearl white luster dust to create the same look as the larger soft serve chocolate ice cream cone. Add rainbow jimmies sprinkles to the swirl with a little more melted chocolate applied with a tooth pick, add one jimmie sprinkle at a time. This was the most labor intensive one to make but so worth it! The creamsicle chocolate lollipop was made by painting on orange edible art paint while adding just a touch of white edible art paint to one side to give it a highlight.

Chocolate Decorating Tips: How to paint ice cream cones!

Once you have all of your ice cream cone chocolates painted it is time to make the cones look like cones! We did a couple techniques, all were pretty fast and easy. If you like painting you can have fun with this step to create different looks.

For the black raspberry ice cream cone mix a little kings gold luster dust with TruColor copper shine edible paint powder. Add a few drops of water or Everclear (grain alcohol) to create a paint. Using a high percentage alcohol with the powders will allow the paint to dry fast on your chocolate. Brush on the "cone" part of the chocolate and allow to dry. Once dried take a soft paper towel and brush over the cone to remove just the paint on the top raised surface of the cone. Paint will remain in the crevices creating the look of a sugar cone!

To create the looks on the mint chocolate chip and golden strawberry ice cream chocolate lollipops use peach edible art paint to brush over the "cone". For contrast and shading a little pastel yellow edible art paint was used on the mint chocolate chip cone and kings gold luster dust was mixed with golden strawberry to give it a little special shimmer. For the vanilla softer serve a mixture of the TruColor copper shine paint powder and kings gold luster dust was used.

Chocolate Decorating Tips with Edible Art Paint: Ice Cream Series

We hoped you enjoyed all of our chocolate decorating tips with edible art paints to make ice cream chocolates! You will be able to make pretty and fun chocolates in no time! Next week we'll share how we used these chocolates to decorate another sweet creation!

Until next time sweet friends!

Esther & Shauna

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