Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques

We are sharing a couple easy chocolate decorating techniques using edible paints and sprinkles just in time for Easter! Learn how to speckle chocolate eggs and cake pops, plus how to make two sided candy bars. Get ready to make and decorate chocolate just in time to tuck into Easter baskets, use for party favors or even baby showers! Short on time? Some of these techniques can be used on store bought candy too!

Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques | www.bakerspartyshop.com

We just started carrying a fabulous line of edible food paints called Edible Art Paint. There are 15 colors to choose from that range from pretty pastel to brights intense colors. They are an alcohol based paint that are 100% edible, dry fast and are smudge free. They are perfect for decorating sweet confections like chocolate, icings that have set, ganache and more! They came in just in time for us to try some new chocolate decorating techniques on spring chocolates!

Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Whether you make chocolate bunnies yourself or pick some up at the store you can easily add color with the edible art paint! We used the pastel pink edible art paint to color in the ear on the bunny we made using our bunny candy mold. The paint is very thin so a small fine brush works best for painting fine details.

Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques | www.bakerspartyshop.com

Now who doesn't love a candy bar?! You can make the perfect size candy bars using our rectangle candy bar mold. It's not too big or too small. Melt the chocolate of your choice and fill the molds almost all the way but not quite. You need to leave a little room for adding the sprinkles. Carefully tap the mold on your counter a few times to force any air bubbles to come to the surface of the chocolate. Sprinkle our Sprinklefetti™ Easter Sprinkle Mix to entire back of the chocolate. Lightly press in the sprinkles and allow to fully set up and harden.

Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques | www.bakerspartyshop.com

How do you make them into two sided candy bars? Once the chocolate bars are fully set carefully pop them out of the candy mold and place them plain side up on a wire cooling rack. Place over a sheet of parchment or wax paper. Use the edible art paints in the colors of your choice. Using a small fan paint brush (shown below) stick the brush into the paint bottle to collect some paint. Hold the brush in one hand and use your pointer finger on your other hand to tap the handle of the paint brush over the chocolate bar you want to add some speckles on. Tap as many times as you want to get the desired look. If you are using multiple colors like we show add one color at a time and allow to dry between colors. The paint dries fast so you won't have to wait too long to go onto the next color. Now you will have a candy bar that is pretty on both sides!

Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques | www.bakerspartyshop.com

We had to make some eggs to go along with our Easter Bunny so we made egg shaped cake pops thanks to the egg cake pop mold from My Little Cake Pop. They have a new set of 5 cake pop molds that are perfect for spring and other occasions. The mold was easy to use and I followed the tips they share on their site on how to get the best results. It was fun to use and really helped to get a consistent shape.

Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques | www.bakerspartyshop.com

After dipping the cake pop in white chocolate thinned with a little coconut oil we allowed the chocolate to set for a few seconds and then sprinkled one side of the egg with our our shimmer gold sparkling sugar. Allow the chocolate to fully set. Now it is time to speckle the plain side of the egg like we did the candy bars. To create an elegant look to go with the gold sprinkles we only used the pink edible art paint on these. I think speckling is my new favorite chocolate decorating technique! It is simple and fun and I bet if you try it you will love it to!

Easy Chocolate Decorating Techniques | www.bakerspartyshop.com

To round out our chocolate creations and to fill the berry basket we used for our Easter basket we also speckled some store bought dark chocolate eggs to create a nice contrast to the white chocolate bunny and two sided bars we made. The cake pops are displayed in a sprinkle mason jar by Unpolished and Pretty. The jar makes a perfect container for displaying cake pops! Now picture this display without the chocolate decorated with the chocolate decorating techniques we shared. It still would be delicious but not quite as pretty!

The pops of color from the edible art paint and the sprinkles really make the chocolate pretty! We hope you try out these easy chocolate decorating techniques the next time you are making chocolate or when you want to spruce up some store bought chocolate!

Happy spring!

Esther & Shauna

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