Decorating Pumpkins with Sprinkles

Decorating Pumkins with Sprinkles and Glitter

When fall arrives we can all agree it becomes pumpkin season. Going pumpkin picking­­­, drinking pumpkin coffee, making pumpkin pies, decorating pumpkins, we certainly fall in love with them come September! Today I am sharing simple ways you can decorate pumpkins and acorns using sprinkles, disco dust and a glue pen. Create pretty glitter and sprinkle pumpkins in no time with this fun project!

Decorating Pumpkins with Sprinkles and Glitter

Don’t you love small pumpkin gourds?! I went right to my local farm stand to scout them out as they are a favorite of mine for decorating and also found some pretty white pumpkins too! I had an idea to decorate them with some not so traditional items and some not so traditional colors. If you are a baker I am sure you have jar or two, possibly even a cupboard full of sprinkles. Why not use them to decorate your pumpkins?! We just got in some new mini polka dot quin sprinkles in fun colors so I decided to put a modern color twist on my pumpkins using teal, lime, black and then orange, raspberry and black to decorate them.

Decorating Pumpkins with Sprinkles and Glitter

Using a glue pen or tacky glue add small dots to your pumpkin in whichever pattern you prefer. Only add a few dots of glue at a time and apply the sprinkle before the glue dries. I went for a simple mostly covered random look for the small white pumpkins. The modern colors used in this project can easily be used throughout the fall season. The mini orange pumpkins were quite small so I thought glittering them might be fun! Who doesn’t love glitter?! The disco dust we carry in the shop was perfect for the job! You can easily draw stripes on your pumpkin using a glitter glue pen and sprinkle the disco dust on before it dries. For even more sparkle, apply more disco dust to the stem, then line the base with mini sugar pearls to complete the look.

Decorating Pumpkins with Sprinkles and Glitter

Another fall favorite of mine are acorns. I have a few big oak trees in my side yard that drop quite a few this time of year. They are perfect for fall decorating and crafting. I knew these would look pretty with some glitter and boy was I right. Now I want to make a big bowl of glittered acorns! They really added that perfect finishing touch! You too can create this pretty fall display with a few simple items and some creativity!

DIY Gold Glitter Acorns and Pumpkins

For those that like a more classic fall look I thought I would share a shot of the golden pumpkins and acorns that I will be sending to my Mom in New York. These pretties will be a nice surprise. I found a few larger sized acorns and drew on polka dots and stripes with the glue pen and then added gold disco dust to create a fun look.

Check out our quin shaped sprinkles and our disco dust glitters for the decorations used in this post.

We hope you enjoy our glitter and sprinkle decorated pumpkins and try making some yourself! Think of all the fun colors and combinations you can do. If you make some we want to see! Share your "sprinkled pumpkins" on Instagram using our special hashtag #BPSsprinklepumpkin and tag us @bakerspartyshop in the photo you post. If we get enough entries we will select our favorite and they will win a sprinkle gift set! Contest runs through Sunday November 8th, 2015. Happy pumpkin sprinkle-ing!

~the girls
Esther & Shauna

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