Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Tutorial

We are excited to be sharing with you a fun and easy DIY rainbow donut tutorial by guest contributor Lisa of Handcrafted Parties. With a few store bought ingredients and some of our fun sprinkles she created a fun donut project that is perfect to be sharing on National Donut Day and is also great to make for birthday parties!

Sprinkles. They make the world go 'round. Big ones, little ones, tiny round ones, long skinny ones, stars, hearts...there's pretty much no way to go wrong here. Sprinkles are to party food what confetti is to giant party balloons... it's instantly party time!

Jumbo rainbow sprinkles are sure to rock your world, especially when you realize all the sweet treats you can decorate with them...without having to break out a pair of tweezers! No party girl has time for that. Sprinkles are the perfect accessory for all kinds of party food, from funfetti pancakes at a pajama party or special birthday (whether you're 2 or 92!), rimming the glass of a milkshake or mug of hot cocoa, or shaken onto warm white chocolate-covered popcorn.

But let's face it. There's a special place in everyone's heart for one of the cutest foods around...doughnuts! As if they're not cute enough all on their own, today I'm going to share with you how to transform store-bought ingredients into a simple, quick treat that's sure to be the talk of your next party. Rainbow sprinkle doughnuts are perfect for so many sweet and girly party themes. I made them for my daughter's My Little Pony party, but they'd also be a darling addition to a unicorn party or rainbow party. They can be made a few hours before the party and stored in an airtight container, or you can have your party guests make their own by setting up a doughnut decorating station.

glazed doughnuts
frosting (a store-bought tube, or homemade in a piping bag)
jumbo rainbow sprinkles, separated by color
mini marshmallows

Step 1: Use a knife to cut each doughnut in half, creating two rainbow arches.

Step 2: Using a tube of frosting, start at the top of the arch and pipe a row of frosting, following the arch of the doughnut. Starting on one side and working your way across, place jumbo sprinkles side by side on top of the frosting, making sure there are minimal gaps.

Step 3: Following the same process, add two more rows of piped frosting and jumbo sprinkles, for a total of three rows on each doughnut.

Step 4: Carefully pick up the doughnut and pipe frosting onto the cut ends, covering the entire cut surface. Push mini marshmallows into the frosting to resemble clouds.

Easy peasy and oh so darling! (Shhh, it'll be our little secret about how easy these are to create..feel free to bask in all the oohs and ahhs when you set these out for your party

Displayed on a tray of sky blue Sixlets candies, nestled into a berry basket, or tied up with a bow in a clear cellophane bag for party favors, these rainbow sprinkle doughnuts will bring joy and smiles to all of your party guests.

Party supplies featured:
Jumbo Pastel Rainbow Sprinkles
Girls Rainbow Rock Candy Sticks
Bow Icing Decorations by Wilton

Party food tutorial by Lisa Frank of Handcrafted Parties
Follow Lisa on Instagram @lisafrankparties to see her portfolio of handcrafted party decorations and find thousands of inspirational party ideas on her Pinterest boards.

This post was written, styled and photographed by Lisa Frank of Handcrafted Parties. Photos edited by Esther. If you share a photo from our post a link must be displayed back to this post and credit given to Handcrafted Parties & The Bakers Party Shop. All photos and content are copyright of Handcrafted Parties, All rights reserved 2015.

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