Halloween Party Dessert Display Tips

Today we are sharing some tips on how to plan and set up a cohesive Halloween Dessert display or any display really. With a few simple guidelines, doing a little prep work and using some easy to make or assemble treats you can put together a fun treat display in no time! And if you have the time you can make as many homemade treats as you would like! You can go simple or be elaborate as you wish!

TIP 1: When planning a treat table or dessert display two of the most important details to decide on is the theme and color scheme. These two elements will set the tone for your event. Once you have figured them out the planning and prepping can really begin. For this Halloween Treat display we were inspired by the Monster Halloween Candy Bars we made last week and decided we wanted to make a full "spooky" Halloween display focusing on the colors of orange, lime green and black. With the color scheme and theme nailed down I could now go through our shop supplies, things I already had from crafts stores and make a list of items and treats needed to be purchased to make this fun Halloween display happen.

TIP 2: Decide on what desserts and treats you want to showcase. Making a list helps you pick the perfect goodies to go with your theme. I had a general idea when planning this quick and easy Halloween treat display and was also inspired by what I found at the grocery and craft stores. My basic list started by deciding that a small cake was going to be the focal point. The secondary treats I knew I wanted were our homemade monster candy bars and Halloween caramel popcorn crunch which look great in our orange small paper ice cream cups that we added a 3d bat sticker to. The third sweet element is the candy that is used as part of the decoration for the display and then can be given out as party favors. Having a few options of different styles of treats is nice to offer your guests as tastes can vary especially with kids.

TIP 3: I love it when you can can carry over certain flavors or treats to get multiple used out of them. For example the monster candy bars have mini pretzels in them and with the leftovers I made the caramel popcorn crunch by placing store bought caramel popcorn, mini pretzel nuggets and small meringue cookies on a baking sheet. I then drizzled the top with melted chocolate and added fun Halloween orange and black non pareil sprinkles. We also carried over the "eyes" from the candy bars and made a simple candy kabob by threading a gummy roll onto our rock candy sticks and added a small swirl of frosting with the leftover frosting I dyed for the cake and placed a big royal icing eye on top. Another fun example is we used candy apple flavored sugar babies in the test tubes and they also doubled as "spider" eggs on the table top. They were placed here and there by the glitter spider cut outs and helped fill in the blank space on the dessert display. I was amazed at how much better the display looked by simply adding the candies. They help your eyes move throughout the top of the dessert display.

TIP 4: If you are short on time you can buy store bought desserts and spruce them up with some frosting and sprinkles like we did with our little pumpkin bundt cake. I dyed store bought whipped cream cheese frosting with our electric lime Americolor food dye and piped 6 large swirls of frosting using our jumbo star frosting tip to the top of the cake. Orange and black non pareils and candy bone sprinkles finished the frosting swirls. Orange Wilton Sparkle gel was used to make the little polka dots to add the finishing touch to the cake. It was also used to rim the drink glasses to help the sparkling sugar stick and give a sparkly effect. This was one of my favorite finds and I was so glad I thought to try it. The gel stayed in place on the rim of the glass and really helped the sugar to stick and less sugar seemed to fall off. The cute cake topper was a breeze to make by sticking a Halloween stripe paper straw in a swirl of frosting on the left and right side of the cake and then cutting a small piece of polka dot garland to adhere to each top of the straw with a glue dot. The rest of the garland was used on the table top. Simple and fun!

TIP 5: Start your prep work a day or two ahead of time. You can place your table runner (chevron parchment paper was used here), display pieces, serving plates and non parishable items. That will free up your time the day of the event so you can focus on your desserts and finishing touches. By placing your serving pieces out ahead of time it gives you time to make any adjustments if you find you have more space to fill. Then you can make or get extra treats or decorations to complete your display by making sure that each space on the table top has been filled. Much of the back space of our display was filled with Halloween treat bags. You can fill them with all kinds of tricks or treats so they can be take away party favors or leave them empty to be a simple and easy decoration for your display.

FINAL TIP: If you are wanting to capture your display with good photos place it in an area where there is a nice amount of natural light. We get an eerie effect in our pictures as the light was coming in the window right behind the display that had a sheer curtain. It worked really well for the Halloween set up we created.

We hope you enjoy and can put some of the easy party display tips to use to make your next party display a huge success!

Happy Halloween!

~the girls

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