Blueberry Cinnamon Waffle Sticks

In honor of National Waffle day we wanted to share a quick and easy waffle dessert with you! The small but oh so delicious Maine wild blueberries are almost past their season. Luckily I've still been able to find some at my local farmer's markets and they add such a nice flavor to the waffles. We also added some cinnamon and vanilla for an extra punch of flavor. You could make these for a brunch but we had them for dessert...well to be honest I skipped dinner and went right to dessert. Nothing is better than something made with fresh berries on a hot summer day!


Small box of Bisquick + what is needed to make the waffle recipe on the box

1 cup or more of fresh blueberries - the small wild Maine blueberries were what we used

1 teaspoon of cinnamon (freshly grated will give you more flavor)

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract

confectioners glaze, blueberry syrup or maple syrup depending on your tastes

strawberries and mint for garnish - optional but makes it oh so pretty and delicious

babycakes mini waffle stick maker or waffle maker

some of our cute hand decorated wooden utensils

To make: Heat up your waffle maker following the instruction manual. Follow the waffle recipe on the Bisquick box and add in the blueberries, vanilla and cinnamon once the batter is mixed. Pour into the waffle maker being careful not to overfill. Allow to cook until they are nice and golden. The babycakes machine we used makes 4 sticks at a time and they cook up quickly! Set the done sticks on a platter until you finish making all the sticks you want. When you are ready to plate put a row of 3 sticks on the bottom, top with a little glaze or blueberry syrup and add 3 more sticks to the top if you want a large size dessert. Drizzle with glaze or syrup and add a sliced strawberry and mint. If you love cinnamon you could sprinkle a little more on the glaze for an extra pop of flavor. This would make a quick and easy brunch or summer dessert!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: We had so much fun using the babycakes waffle stick maker we have an extra once that will be featured in a giveaway!! As soon as we hit 500 followers on Instagram we are going to have a big giveaway to celebrate with all kinds of our fun products and this mini waffle stick maker! If you don't follow us there you can click on the Instagram link at the bottom of the page to follow us.



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