DIY Jumbo Paper Straw Candy Favors

We are loving our new jumbo paper straws and have a quick, easy craft project that will turn the straws into candy favor tubes! They are great for birthday party favors, to include in treat bags or to stick in lunch boxes for a little extra surprise! Below I'll share what candies fit and the few things needed to make them.

Shopping to find just the right size candies was fun! Even though these are jumbo paper straws and much wider than the regular size paper straws we carry, I had to search for small enough candies to fit in them. A few things worked and a few things didn't. I found chocolate covered sunflower seeds, rainbow nerds, tiny chiclet gum (remember those?!) and pop rocks at the Old Port Candy Co in Portland, Maine. All but the pop rocks worked great in the straws. It had been a very long time since I had a packet of pop rocks and I forgot that the pieces were pretty small and almost powdery so they weren't the best option for this project.


6" jumbo paper straws (click to see our big selection of this new fun size straw)

bakers twine (click to view all the pretty colors we offer)

1/8" paper hole punch

tiny candies - we found that nerds, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, tiny chiclet gum and mini m&m's fit in the jumbo straws.

TO MAKE: Cut paper straws in half if you want 3" candy favor tubes. You can leave them the full 6" size if you prefer. Pinch one end of the paper straw so it becomes flat. Using your small hole punch punch a hole in the the end. Cut a small piece of bakers twine and thread through the hole and tie onto a bow to close up the end of the straw. Fill with the tiny candies of your choice leaving some room at the other end of the straw so you can pinch, punch the hole and close that end with twine too. When you are done you'll have cute and fun paper straw candy favor tubes!

If you are ever in Portland, Maine, the Old Port Candy Co is worth stopping by. Located in the Historic Old Port where you can find a wide variety of fun and unique shops this little candy shop on Fore Street sure packs a BIG sugar punch! They had just what I was looking for for this project and had candies I had not seen elsewhere in years!

We hope you enjoy and have fun making your own candy favor tubes!

~the girls

post written and photographed by Esther




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