Strawberry Coconut Milk Creamsicles

Our strawberry-lemon coconut milk creamsicle recipe is a pretty healthy alternative to other kinds of frozen treats. We've been having fun experimenting with coconut milk and coconut cream lately. It gives a nice flavor and light creaminess to the popsicle. This popsicle recipe can be made a few different ways depending on the berries you use, your taste and sweetness level. It is perfect for the hot summer months when you crave a cool sweet treat! See the full recipe and tips below.

For some that have to be conscious about their sugar intake the summer months can be challenging when you are looking for something cold and refreshing that has less sugar than traditional ice cream or popsicle treats. Ice cream is one of my down falls so I have been experimenting with coconut milk and coconut cream smoothies and desserts lately. There are many recipes out there using this creamy and low sugar ingredient. This was my first attempt at a creamsicle popsicle and I was pleased with how they turned out!

Looking for a fun way to display your frozen treats? We turned one of our new strawberry baskets into a stand for our creamsicles made in our mini push pops! The push pop containers are super sturdy and can be washed and reused. They worked fabulously and created a fun display that could be used for a party or summer entertaining. A pen was used to poke 3 holes in the bottom of the basket to hold the handles of the push pops. I threaded some pink ribbon through the slats on the basket to make them look a little more dressed up. You could thread twine, lace, jute or other types of ribbon depending on the look you are going for, or to coordinate colors to your event or display.

We had some of the strawberry creamsicle mixture left over so we filled some of our small red stripe paper baking cups and popped them in the freezer. About 40 minutes later, I inserted some of our mini stripe wooden dessert shovels to the semi set-up creamsicle mixture to serve as a handle. In just a few hours we had our first batch to taste test and boy were they delish!

Strawberry-Lemon Coconut Milk Creamsicle Popsicle Recipe

2-3 cups fresh ripe strawberries quartered (we used 2 cups but found we could have added in a little more)
1 lemon for the juice + the zest (you need to zest the lemon BEFORE you squeeze the juice - trust me)
1 can full fat coconut milk (we used Trader Joe's)
*sweetner of choice (we used 1.5 tablespoons of Splenda)


You can make this in a food processor, regular blender or a Wolfgang Puck QuadChop. I have to admit I just got the Wolfgang Puck QuadChop and LOVE it so that is what we used to blend everything up.

Wash and quarter strawberries and place in the bowl of the device (of your choice) to blend up this recipe. Finely zest the rind of the lemon to add to the strawberries along with the juice of the lemon, making sure not to add in any of the seeds. Pour in the can of coconut milk and blend until it is pretty smooth. As the sweetness of strawberries can vary I waited until the end to add in some Splenda. Since the lemon adds some tartness it did need some sweetner added, to balance out the flavors. You could use honey or another kind of sweetner. Add a little in at a time until you reach the sweetness level you desire.

Pour into mini plastic pushpop containers, small baking cups or a popsicle mold. Set in the freezer for at least a 4 hours or overnight. We found the color got more pink after spending a night in the freezer.

Kitchen Tool Tip: One of our favorite kitchen tools is a microplane zester. It is super sharp and works wonderfully for creating very fine zest of lemons, limes or oranges.

You can alter this recipe to suit your taste. Try it with different kinds of fruits or berries. See what berries are in season at your local farmer's market if you are lucky to have one close. Those will surely make very tasty summer popsicles! Since making this recipe I've tried a black cherry and a black cherry-pinapple version made with a combination of coconut milk and coconut cream which made it even creamier! Let what fruits and berries look good at the market inspire you!

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We hope you enjoy and give the recipe a try and have a wonderful summer!

~the girls

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