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Chefmaster Candy-Flo

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Shop Chefmaster Candy- Flo which helps you turn their Liqui-Gel food coloring into candy colors so you can dye chocolate, candy melts and compound chocolate. Liqui-Gel food coloring is water based so you can not use it on it's own to color chocolate or candy melts as it will cause your chocolate to seize and not look good. No one wants that for their sweet creations! To prevent that and to transform your water based gel colors into something you can use in chocolate or other oil based applications simply mix in Chefmaster Candy-Flo in a bowl with your gel colors and give a thorough stir. Now you can color your chocolate creations with a variety of pretty colors. See all of the Chefmaster products we carry here. We carry a large selection of gel colors and oil based colorings that you can check out here

COUNT: 2oz bottle

INFO: Vegan, Gluten-free, Peanut-free, Egg-free, Kosher Certified.

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